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The collection of six plays by David Henry Hwang bears eloquent witness to the scope and richness of Chinese-American literature. Capturing the spirit, the struggles, and the secret language of the Chinese-American, Hwang magnificently blends the delicate nuances of fantasy, poetry, and mythology in works of almost-hallucinatory power. From the title play, which explores the painful stigma of being labeled “fresh-off-the-boat,” to the blackly humorous Family Devotions, about three generations of Chinese-Americans living in an affluent suburb of Los Angeles, these six remarkable works address the conflicts of Chinese-Americans as they struggle to integrate two vastly different cultures. But Hwang also speaks to a far wider audience, exploring universal human issues: love, loyalty, roots, prejudice, and generational conflicts. This extraordinary collection is a testament to the emergence of Chinese-American literature as a vital modern literary force, and to the unique genius of one of America’s most creative young playwrights.

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