‘Method Acting’ is an umbrella term for the different methodologies and techniques of acting.

‘Method Acting’ is really a way to describe the methodical approach one might take to prepare for a role. Contrary to popular belief, Method Acting itself is not a singular technique. A methodical approach to actor-preparation and character-creation can comprise of different methodologies and techniques of acting.

The term 'Method Acting' is however most associated with Lee Strasberg,
(1901-1982), master-teacher and artistic director of The Actors Studio. Practitioners of Strasberg’s technique are referred to as “method actors”. Outside of the myth perpetuated by the term "method acting", a method actor is really an actor with a methodical, consistent and effective approach to their work.

Ultimately, whether you are an actor or non-actor, "The Method" is what works for you and you alone.

Method acting benefits everyone.

Whether you are an actor, non-actor, corporate warrior, or homebody, we believe that everyone is born with a talent, ability or skill.

Your story shapes your talent, whatever it may be. Method Acting and a methodical approach to your preparation enables you to develop and access your unique qualities so that your distinctiveness comes through in a compelling, authentic way.

Method Acting is highly personalized.

We all have different approaches to life, our own distinct methods of acting, that is, doing, feeling and thinking. Your method is what works for you, be it on or off stage.

Today, most trained method actors use one or a combination of these methodologies of acting for their own approach to acting:

The Stanislavsky System
Michael Chekhov Technique
Lee Strasberg’s Method
Meisner Technique
Stella Adler Technique
Alexander Technique
Lecoq Technique
Laban Movement Analysis
Practical Aesthetics
Viola Spolin’s Theatre Games
Uta Hagen’s Method
Suzuki Method

We want to free your talent through Method Acting.

We believe that the trained actor will know what works best for them. HCAC provides a variety of methodologies for you to explore and express the richness of your personal story.