Acting Workshops at HCAC

We offer a diverse collection of programmes inspired by
various Method Acting techniques. We change our selection per semester to provide breadth as well as depth of training for both actors & non-actors.

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Workshops are 8-session programmes that provide in-depth training and equip students with a comprehensive repertoire of skills.

  • Comedic Improvisation (Intro) (Afternoon Sessions)

    2 afternoon sessions per week over 4 weeks workshop with public showcase

    29 May 2019 — 21 Jun 2019
    Wednesdays, 2:30pm — 5.30pm
    and Fridays, 2:30pm — 5.30pm

    Registration closes:
    23 May 2019

  • One Act Plays: From Casting to Production

    A workshop-production (For Directors & Actors)

    30 May 2019 — 28 Jul 2019
    Thursdays, 7.00pm — 11.00pm

    Registration closes:
    23 May 2019

  • Kabaret Singapura Workshop by Giovanni Ortega


    2 Jul 2019 — 13 Jul 2019
    Mondays, 7.00pm — 11.00pm
    and Tuesdays, 7.00pm — 11.00pm
    and Wednesdays, 7.00pm — 11.00pm
    and Thursdays, 7.00pm — 11.00pm
    and Fridays, 7.00pm — 11.00pm

    Registration closes:
    27 June 2019

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Short Intensives are programmes that offer you experiential insights into the training that we offer at HCAC.

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