What We Do

At HCAC, we nurture talent for the global stage.

We have a portfolio of programmes based on a variety of Method Acting techniques. Our international faculty of respected industry professionals are dedicated to unlocking the potential of everyone that enters our doors. The breadth and depth of our training enables individuals to discover their authenticity, express themselves and free their talent.

Our Purpose

In Singapore, the options for professional actor training range from either nothing at all, to intermittent workshops or multi-year diplomas/degrees. With the opening of HCAC in 2013, there now exists an accessible school for professional acting development.

At HCAC students can choose their own syllabus, structure, timeline, and their own training that suits their objectives and fits around their lives. People can now pursue professional-level actor training even if they have full-time day jobs.

Growing up in Singapore, and knowing from the age of 7 that he wanted to dedicate his life to the arts, our Artistic Director and Founder, Kamil Haque, did not have any apparent avenues to further his actor training beyond his teens. Kamil decided to explore opportunities for training overseas.

In his 8-year stint in Los Angeles, Kamil experienced first-hand how such similarly structured training avenues for actor development allowed more people to have access to training that is flexible, affordable, not onerous on time commitment and fits into the evolving creative landscape that is Singapore.

HCAC prides itself on being a complement to many other excellent acting schools in Singapore that allow further and in-depth training should our family members decide they wish to further their studies and earn diplomas and degrees.

Democratized professional actor development workshops allow us to continue the growth of our artist and audience pool and ultimately give people a place and community to free their talent.

At HCAC, we empower people to unleash their creativity. Because we believe those who embrace their artistry – actors, writers, thinkers, dreamers, visionaries, entrepreneurs – are happier, more fulfilled, and more successful individuals who make the world a better place.

For actors, specifically, we endeavor to provide robust and varied training of international quality to prepare you for success on the global stage.

HCAC exists to Free Your Talent.

Our Unique Approach

  • Teaching tried and tested acting techniques.

    We are the only school in Asia to teach the work of Lee Strasberg as it was intended. Our workshops also explore other acting methodologies that have been tested and proven for generations.

  • Emphasizing the practicalities of acting.

    We provide training that meets the needs and wants of the industry. Our students are well poised to apply their skills and learning in any real world scenario.

  • Inclusive and accessible workshops.

    We customize our teaching pedagogy according to the learning needs and goals of all individuals, regardless of their background, training or experience.

  • A global network of educators and directors.

    We work with teachers from all around the world and they are all experienced leaders and specialists in their respect fields.

  • Three-way feedback between student, teacher and peers.

    We believe in active learning. Fostering communication between teachers, students and peers ensures the sustained growth of the work and our school.

  • Freeing the talent of our students.

    We don’t believe in grading talent. Instead, we want our students to explore the subjectivity of their own personal expression.

  • We keep our class sizes small.

    We want each and every student to benefit from the undivided attention of the teacher. Our workshops have an approximate student-teacher ratio of 10:1.

  • Creating an intimate family environment.

    Here, everyone is family and we know all our students by name. We celebrate each other’s work at the end of every semester and support each other by attending shows by our fellow members.