Corporate Training


The nature of the workplace has changed since the days of predictability. We now live in an age of chaos and complexity. Changes occur frequently and fast. Causality cannot be established as there are often too many factors to consider. User experience becomes paramount. As the world charges on ahead, workplaces need to adapt to keep up. Essential qualities now include flexibility, spontaneity, creativity, responsiveness and interpersonal skills.

Our Corporate Development Programmes are tailored to help your workplaces keep up with the demands of the changing economy and to train staff to be effective ambassadors for your company.

What do we offer?

Actor training can be an innovative and effective way to train your staff to deal with the difficulties of everyday work. More importantly, it engages staff in fun activities that will also raise your team’s spirit.

From SMEs to the civil service and large companies, we offer highly customisable programmes depending on your specific needs. Our group workshops seek to improve workplace dynamics by building individual and corporate confidence, crisis management and problem-solving skills while our one-on-one training provides private training opportunities for each staff member, depending on your role in the organisation and your particular needs.

Our suggested workshops are as follows:

1) Corporate Roleplay (Group)

2) Corporate Confidence (Group)

3) Corporate Creativity (Group)

4) Corporate Bonding (Group)

5) Corporate Pitching (Individual)

6) Corporate Coaching (Individual)

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Corporate Social Responsibility

HCAC believes addressing unconscious bias in the workplace and empowering women to better deliver their message, to be seen and heard as equals. We have developed a customized workshop for women to combat gender-related issues in their workplace. For more information click here.

Our Clients


“The Authentic Acting and Communication Workshop by Kamil Haque was a welcome shift from the typical sales training workshop. Through the HCAC trainers’ expertise, my team and I learnt some valuable customer management, leadership and selling skills through a full day of highly interactive activities, role play and acting techniques that help to centre our busy lives and find mindfulness – key skills for the modern individual. The best part is many of the skills the trainers imparted are also useful beyond the work setting!”

Dawn Chan
International Business Director
South China Morning Post


“We are always in search for programmes that would bring exceptional value to the growth of our employees. Having attended different improv programmes, the one strong value that makes HCAC stand out is the way they balance a participant’s discomfort and the openness to experiment, ultimately helping them breakthrough their personal boundaries.”

Elouise Chin
Group Human Resources (Group Talent Management)


“This is not your usual run-of-the-mill skills upgrading workshop … but a really unique experience of self-discovery through a series of unexpected exercises and insightful comments – and then the true sculpting of the individual begins.”

Lionel Gao


“Kamil played a pivotal role in helping me re-connect with my beliefs and re-build my confidence during a crucial time before an important pitch to 200 investors.”

Aashish Mehta


“The participants thoroughly enjoyed themselves and felt pushed and inspired. One of my main objectives this year was to focus on supporting women to up-skill themselves. From the feedback, many are hooked onto the messages and learnings shared.”

Vrutika Mody
Vice President
INSEAD Women in Business


“This is our first training class which we engaged actors to role-play as people in emotional distress. The actors from HCAC did a wonderful job by allowing our trainees experience close-to-real situations. Our trainees appreciated this realistic interaction as they were able to apply and practice the skills that they have learnt. The actors were professional and dedicated in their respective roles. It was obvious they had put in effort and a lot of research to ensure they portray their role as realistic as possible.”

Melissa Golles
Coordinator Emergency Planning
Group Business Resilience
Qantas Airways Limited