The Ultimate Scene Study Series for Teens Volume 2: 55 Short Scenes

The Ultimate Scene Study Series Volume II: Fifty-Five Short Scenes is a collection of original two-person scenarios that allow female and male teen actors to create and develop characters who are similar in nature to themselves. A perfect resource for all acting classes and workshops, this compilation includes a diverse variety of situations and roles that will challenge and inspire young actors working on their craft.
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Playing Contemporary Scenes: Thirty-One Famous Scenes and How to Play Them

Featured are the best scenes from leading plays by the most famous contemporary playwrights. An exceptional collection that challenges actors of all ages and experience levels. The scenes offer a wide spectrum of performance styles for vocal and physical interpretation. Playwrights include: Beckett, Pinter, Mamet, Durang, Foote, Wasserstein, Vogel, McLure, Innaurato, Meyers, Shue, Medoff and Steve Martin, as well as "new voice" contemporary playwrights Bruce Graham, John Wooten, Ludmilla Bollow, Rich Orloff and Jack Heifner. Scenes are divided into several age groups. Each is preceded by performance hints and exercises. Also included are monologs for audition use. Designed to help beginning and experienced actors to expand their individual styles and techniques. An excellent sourcebook for teachers, students and professionals.
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Scenes for Young Actors

In drama classes and at auditions, young actors have continually had to resort to performing roles written for much older men and women -- roles that are often difficult for them to identify with or to fully understand. But this innovative scenebook gives younger performers the opportunity to portray characters their own age. From the classics to the finest in contemporary drama -- from Shakespeare, Shaw, and Chekov to Miller, Williams, and Kopit -- here are sparkling theatrical gems that are perfect for class or theater group study and performance. Complete with thorough character and plot descriptions, Scenes for Young Actors is an absolute must for the talented young beginner and professional alike.
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The Actor’s Book of Scenes from New Plays

David Mamet, Beth Henley, and August Wilson are just some of the contemporary dramatists whose work is featured in this book, the first anthology of two-character scenes that exclusively includes plays from the mid-sixties to plays currently running on and off Broadway.
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Playing Scenes a Sourcebook for Performers

This collection of scenes and monologs is more than just another scenebook. Each chapter includes discussion on playing the role, playing the style, and playing the performance. As part of the introduction to each chapter, there are creative vocal and physical exercises appropriate for each performance.
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The Twilight Zone Scripts of Earl Hamner

The Twilight Zone has evolved from a groundbreaking speculative television series into a cultural phenomenon. The recently revived series on FOX averaged 4.6 million viewers on its first episode. Indeed, the title itself conjures up thoughts of fantastic stories that bridge several forms of fiction to create a unique genre of morality tales with a touch of irony, unlimited by the boundaries of conventional fiction. Broadcast from 1959 to 1964, the show has run ever since in syndication, making it one of the longest running television shows of all time, creating a new genre of shows similar to the X-Files and Twin Peaks. Five writers created the core of the show, and together these men fashioned the bulk of the 156 original episodes: Rod Serling, Richard Matheson, Charles Beaumont, George Clayton Johnson, and Earl Hamner. All went on to other projects in film, television, theater, and print, but their involvement in the Twilight Zone is well known to fans of the series. The Twilight Zone Scripts of Earl Hamner contains reprints of the eight episodes written by Hamner, along with Albarella's commentary on each story: The Hunt, " "A Piano in the House, " "Jess-Belle, " "Ring-a-Ding Girl, " "You Drive, " "Black Leather Jackets, " "Stopover in a Quiet Town, " and "The Bewitchin' Pool." Also included is a "lost" Twilight Zone short story by Mr. Hamner and an interview with Albarella that covers the background details of how Hamner became involved in the series."
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