Jane Martin Collected Works Vol. I 1980-1995

These plays speak to women’s frustrations with male-dominated society. They are darkly humorous and biting. All but one tells the story of sometimes bizarre women in hard circumstances striving to overcome and survive. The most striking of all the plays is Keely and Du, which involves a young woman who was raped by her ex-husband. On her way to obtain an abortion, Keely is kidnapped by a group of anti-abortion Christians. She is handcuffed to a bed and told that she will be kept captive until the birth of her child. Du is an aged nurse who has been given the assignment of looking after Keely. During the months of Keely’s pregnancy, the two women begin to listen to each other’s beliefs. The play ends with a self-abortion by Keely while Du is imprisoned. An evocative collection of plays.

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