The Animal Exercise workshop is very interesting.

It inspired me to come up with new ideas and be spontaneous. Kamil is friendly and always inspired us in class.

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Shirley Wong

I feel that my brain, my energy and my art is re-charged after every workshop.

Kamil is good as guiding us, especially for beginners as we are often afraid to start. Our confidence levels were low but he is helpful and patient. The library is nice.

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Jane Lai

The workshop allowed me to be free and liberated.

It allows one to focus on what they want to work upon personally. Classes are able to help us breakthrough our personal barriers if we allow ourselves to do so. Kamil works hard to make and keep his promise as a teacher and a friend.

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Wan Ling

Scott Wings is enthusiastic, passionate and very good at guiding practical activities.

I think for a Viewpoints and Suzuki 101 workshop, Scott did really well to get people out of their comfort zones and into the activities.

Kamil has a good approach as a facilitator and his feedback is poignant and concise. The Lee Strasberg workshop helped unlock my emotional facet, and I enjoyed learning about sense-memory, it was an eye-opener.

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HCAC is a cosy space for students.

I felt free to talk with everyone as the school has a nice community. Through relaxation, I learnt to relax and know myself more.

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Fern Lim

I like the depth of work on the human condition to allow the work to be rich and real.

I like the authenticity, directness and courage of the teacher who risks all to speak the truth that challenges growth.

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Rita Minjoot

I like this place because it represents freedom.

Nothing is censored in the workshop. We can be whoever we want (to be) without judgement.

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Julia Robe-Hertz

I truly feel that your class is one that every student should take.

 You are very intuitive when it comes to what people need to work on and which scenes will get them there. You make yourself completely available to students and they feel comfortable approaching you both inside and outside of the classroom. I also love the way that you run your relaxation and sensory. You are thorough and thoughtful when it comes to moving people on or moving them backwards. You know when to be sensitive and you know when to be stern and that is something that I definitely respect about you. I greatly appreciate you always being there to talk with me and give me advice. I look up to you and I tremendously respect everything that you have taught me. You have been very instrumental in my growth as an actor because you challenged me every class. I will never forget my experiences in them.

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Robbie Silverman

Kamil is a very down-to-earth guy.

I believe he knows what he is talking about in relation to the business, relaxation and sensory. I think he is a naturally amazing teacher with a commanding presence.

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Bridget Sell

I just wanted to say I really enjoyed the workshop for the past 8 weeks.

When I came into this workshop I had kinda (read: almost totally) lost the tools I could once rely on onstage, let alone the confidence. And all my creativity was somehow manifesting itself in my writing instead. The workshop put me back on the right track, especially with the diverse class, which is always inspiring. This workshop/the environment that you provided made us all feel safe enough to follow our impulses and try new things. There's also a very nice, open vibe about it which contributes to the 'safe-ness' environment. Also I like how personal growth is encouraged, rather than holding everyone to a similar standard. Classes were definitely professionally handled and I loved how you were available even outside of class hours, that was good assurance. The lesson plan was nicely paced.

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Kenneth Chia

I would like to thank Kamil for this amazing class where I was able to learn what acting is really about.

I had an amazing time learning new things, and I know I will be able to use it in my acting career!

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Lana Giacose

I have had the opportunity to know Kamil Haque….

I have had the opportunity to know Kamil Haque as a teacher, as an actor, as a director and most of all, as a friend.

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Fernanda Rohd (Maria)