I really enjoyed your method class.

It really helped me to have more control of my body during the relaxation exercises. Also I like that you got us to really think about our goals in life! Thank you for everything! You rock!

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Renata Maciel

I liked how we talked about the industry in very great detail.

I liked how you made us feel it was okay to mess up during relaxation/sensory/scenes. It was great to know our progress and the things we do well and how to work with what we do well, and also to learn about things we need to improve on. I love how you were encouraging and always telling us that we can be working actors.

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Tatyana Zevereva

I really love class with you.

I really love class with you. From the first day I was so touched at how much you really cared! I also loved that you would not only read our assignments, but give notes and feedback. I always looked forward to what new, exciting things you had planned for each class.

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Amy Black

I love the safe space and close environment that had been created since day 1.

The hugs, sharing and willingness of everyone to truly participate is reflected, echoed and enhanced through the weeks.

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Rahul Daswani

The workshop encourages students to tap into their emotions without talking about it in front of the class.

This brings more attention to how you affect others rather than pushing forced emotions to feel that you are 'in touch' or 'feeling it'.

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Adam Chotem

You really work hard and are focused on making people feel comfortable.

You helped me to feel at home. As the weeks went by I learnt so much about the world of acting and you are the only teacher that detailed it so much in class. I think no teacher will ever do that.

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Mario Melchiot

Kamil Haque knows what he wants.

He is very smart and always curious, constantly eager to learn. He has a mind of his own and if he has set his mind to something he is behind, you can be sure he goes through with it. Kamil is a risk taker. He bends the rules without breaking them. He is reliable, someone you can trust. He never complains. He is always friendly and forthcoming. As a teacher Kamil is extremely dedicated, always very well prepared and organised. He is refreshingly practical without even slightly losing sight of theoretical aspects. Kamil is highly interested in his students’ success and backed by positive criticism, he aspires to bring out the best in them. He has done his homework so now go on and do yours.

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Sandra Bertalanffy

You have made a great impact on my life making my acting dream more and more possible.

Thank you for all the work and effort you have put into me and the acting class. You're a great teacher! I will forever embrace all the advice you have given me.

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Michael Shatto

I absolutely loved your class!

I think your direct approach with us was accurate and appreciated. I really enjoyed discussions after sensory & relaxation. Please don't stop doing that!

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Gloria Garibay

I really enjoyed your relaxation and sensory.

I feel that your class has helped push me and take me out of my comfort zone which I know has been good for me. Your scene work takes me out of my comfort zone and has made me less self conscious.

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Aoife Fagan

I like that there is attention given to each student.

I like the fact that you take your job seriously and I feel that you really try to help us. I really appreciate your honesty.

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Ralph Kaufmann

I liked that you spent time to introduce the new students to the method, relaxation and sensory work.

I really liked that you as a teacher looked at each one of us individually and assigned us exercise(s) that you thought would work best for us and the aspects we needed the most improvement on. I liked the work we did on stage, including improvisation in order to prepare for our scenes. The questions you asked about the plays, scenes and characters were usually very helpful because they steered me in the right direction to get a better understanding of the subject matter. I believe that students who are new to the Method should take your class because you have a good way of introducing them to the work and helping them to actually be successful in this business.

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Nives Bogad