HCAC is home.

You'll seriously get to learn and do and grow so much. It's a safe space here, and we get to take risks, experiment, go crazy and fail. We laugh, live moments together and watch each other mature as artists and storytellers. You learn to discover all of yourself. All the teachers here are extremely dedicated in what they do and have truly inspired me in one way or another.

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Ranice Tay

Krissy Jesudason is an amazing teacher as she is patient and she knows what she’s doing.

I participated in The Intimate Shakespeare workshop and we studied Twelfth Night in depth. I must say, it honestly made me appreciate Shakespeare's brilliant work. Before the workshop, I've always had a fear of Shakespeare because of the jarring language and the complex wit and wisdom that he pens. However, Krissy Jesudason is an amazing teacher as she is patient and she knows what she's doing. She allowed me to identify the universal truth in the Elizabethan era and my experiences in life. I am proud of the fact that my class and I could put up a snapshot production of the show in 8 weeks and I would definitely recommend HCAC's Intimate Shakespeare series to anyone who has a profound interest in literature and art! By my troth', it will definitely be a great experience!

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Danial Farhan

Flexible to both my schedule and training needs, plus I got into the drama school of my dreams!

Flexible to both my schedule and training needs, HCAC was open for me, 24/7. With a warm, accepting environment, HCAC has provided me a safe training ground to learn and make mistakes. The center also boasts a library of resources, from famous plays to monologue books to whatever a budding actor needs and yearns for. You don’t have to be an actor to join classes; just a desire to be seen or heard. And if you are looking to be a part of a growing industry of bold performers, HCAC is the perfect place to network and meet like-minded individuals. Looking back, the lessons I’ve gained at HCAC were instrumental to my growth as an actor and a person. Undertaking full time national service and the aspirations of going to drama school overseas, my chances of success felt dubious at best. However, after having just a few 1 to 1 sessions at HCAC, I felt that my goal was actually within reach. From what audition material to select, to how to prepare and present yourself on the big day, Kamil’s got it covered. Having undergone the rigorous procedure of drama school auditioning himself, he has acquired an in-depth understanding of the process and can cater to each student’s strengths and weaknesses. Finally, what worked for me most personally was Kamil’s consistent encouragement and support. In an industry rife with self-doubt and uncertainty, it’s great to have a wise mentor and friend like Kamil. Oh yeah, and I got into the drama school of my dreams too!

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Bryan Donovan Sng

Very easy to understand

The workshop was very easy to understand and the environment was comfortable. The practical portions were the most useful.

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Laura Scheffner

Techniques I can apply to my daily life.

The workshop offered a lot of useful information and techniques I can apply to my daily life.

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Divya Menon

A good start.

This workshop is good enough to learn about the basics of 'freeing your talent'. A good start.

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Gurmit Singh

Great feedback.

A good way to find out what others perceive of you. Great feedback that enables you to improve yourself.

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Meghna Chatterjee

It was very enjoyable.

It was very enjoyable, fun and useful even for people who are not aspiring actors.

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Alex Ognev

Holistic and foundational.

A good introduction to acting that's both holistic and foundational.

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Yuzhou Wang (Angela Ognev)

An engaging and a very safe space.

I like how we get chances to perfect the same piece until we have tapped to our fullest potential. Free your talent!

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Sarah Howell

The workshops came with a whole toolbox that I took a lot from and it helped me a lot.

I really enjoyed, respected and appreciated that when I came to Kamil he immediately showed me what the work is all about.

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Mike Bash

The Scene Study workshop is truly exciting.

The scene study workshop is truly exciting and Warren is a wonderful teacher. Kamil took the effort to know everyone and asked us our objectives for being here.

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Clara Wong