Techniques I can apply to my daily life.

The workshop offered a lot of useful information and techniques I can apply to my daily life.

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Divya Menon

A good start.

This workshop is good enough to learn about the basics of 'freeing your talent'. A good start.

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Gurmit Singh

Great feedback.

A good way to find out what others perceive of you. Great feedback that enables you to improve yourself.

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Meghna Chatterjee

It was very enjoyable.

It was very enjoyable, fun and useful even for people who are not aspiring actors.

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Alex Ognev

Holistic and foundational.

A good introduction to acting that's both holistic and foundational.

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Yuzhou Wang (Angela Ognev)

An engaging and a very safe space.

I like how we get chances to perfect the same piece until we have tapped to our fullest potential. Free your talent!

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Sarah Howell

The workshops came with a whole toolbox that I took a lot from and it helped me a lot.

I really enjoyed, respected and appreciated that when I came to Kamil he immediately showed me what the work is all about.

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Mike Bash

The Scene Study workshop is truly exciting.

The scene study workshop is truly exciting and Warren is a wonderful teacher. Kamil took the effort to know everyone and asked us our objectives for being here.

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Clara Wong

The class is well paced.

I loved the "theory" and all the group brainstorming session. I love monologue exercise. Kamil is very perceptive and understanding.

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Pooja Dargan

One of the greatest experience I’ve enjoyed.

So much to do and learn. I've learnt to be more expressive, not hold back, not be afraid to be judged, dig deeper into my emotions and ask myself what I'm feeling. Kamil is a very good teacher and coach.

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Alice Siau

Opened my eyes to method acting.

Kamil is a fantastic, passionate and comprehensive teacher. Safe environment.

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Paul Wong

I like how interesting conversations can come up.

Kamil is pretty sharp at getting people to improve in ways that seem interesting to me as a non actor, he gives a lot and is thoughtful in his feedback. I feel more relaxed and less nervous through relaxation.

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Kjersti Sivitilli