I spent only a couple of months with HCAC but it was an amazing experience.

I learnt so much and also from the others students. We always made sure we were all connected and that we had a familiar environment where we could trust each other during the workshops. Being an actress is a lifetime learning about yourself and the human being. I'm so grateful for attending HCAC workshop. Kamil is someone I'll always respect and ask for guidance. He is looking after me even months after I left Singapore or I'm in the other side of the world. A true master!

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Caren Utino

I like how Kamil is involved with my personal career and life as this support is good for any artist.

 Kamil is passionate and very helpful with feedback. He is not only a critic, but knows how to 'repair' a problem and flaws with very lengthy feedback.

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Roby Schinasi