The Secrets Of Success

There is no doubt about it – a career in acting is unpredictable and difficult, to say the least. The actor’s job is highly competitive and demanding. In an industry where skill does not guarantee success, it can be daunting to experience one rejection after another. Yet while success is, to some extent, a matter of chance (as with most things in life), there are a few qualities that most respected and established actors possess. This is what it takes to increase your odds at succeeding in your acting career.


Contrary to what many say, talent is important. True, it doesn’t promise gigs, but your chances at booking a show increase exponentially when you demonstrate both a flair for your craft and a willingness to learn. The lessons you learn should be used to better access your talent and showcase it as fully as you can.

Apart from acting talents, another kind of talent you need is business savvy. Do you know how to market yourself as an actor? Are you aware of your type? To succeed as an actor, you must know how to network, make contacts, promote yourself and play to your strengths.


Let’s face it. The moment you choose to make a career out of acting, you sign yourself to a lifetime of rejection. Not only are there more actors than opportunities, there will also always be someone else who fits the role better than you do. Even some of the most talented performers give up after years of trying. Our advice is to persist – your big break may just be around the corner. Take Josh Holloway for instance: he hardly booked any roles before 2004 until he landed a role in ‘Lost’, a pilot project that catapulted him into fame and recognition. So, actors, be discerning but stay open to new possibilities and projects, for you never know what the future holds.


It is not possible to get more luck. Luck is fleeting, capricious and intangible. The harsh reality is that some people are just luckier than others. It’s beyond your control, but stop fretting over it. Instead, prepare yourself for the time when fate comes knocking at your door. Work hard and make sure that you’re able to fully make use of the opportunities that come your way.

And there you have it: the trinity for “success”.

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