The New Actor-Writer-Producer Combo

Things have changed now. In the past, writers stuck exclusively to penning material. Producers managed shows and actors auditioned for roles. Not that there weren’t any brilliant individuals with enough mettle to write their own scripts, and then stage and act in their own shows. It was just that the process would have taken much longer than it would now.

These divisions have weakened today. With new developments in technology, creative individuals are now able to create and produce their own works within the palm of their hand. Computers are portable and new phones contain multiple word processing applications. The existence of YouTube means that anyone can now generate their own web and video series, and put their work out there for millions of potential viewers.

The result of this is releasing – you can now be in charge of your own career as a creative individual. Your work can be heard and seen as long as you wish it to be. Take, for example, our monthly event, Metaphors Be With You, at the Haque Centre of Acting and Creativity. Writers are able to present their own stories in front of an audience, allowing them to both write and perform their own works.

There are many platforms for you to be heard in this age and time. So go forth and create. Use your devices and take advantage of the platforms available to show off your work. And while we’re on it, we strongly encourage you to join us at Metaphors Be With You. The next one will be held on 20 February, on the theme of Love/Hate. Get your tickets here!


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