The Jugular Vein | This is Melissa

Full time house-wife, part time tutor. Contact her for “backstabbing classes”.

Limited slots available.

Q: Can you describe yourself in 3 words/phrases?


I’m the queen, and my aura can be intimidating.

Well, I’m the best at everything I do, and it sure isn’t easy being as perfect as me!

You can’t hide any secrets from me. I probably already know! Ha!

Q: What can the audience expect from you?


An enjoyably weird party hostess with a tiny dosage of insanity.

Welcome to the party.

Q: What would you do if you found out that your husband was dead..?


As is said:
“In life, pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.”

Look out, we’ve got ourselves a badass over here.

Are you perhaps thinking: “How can 4 of these females, each with such robust personality, be close friends? How does that work?”

Because, same.

Get your tickets now to see how everything unravels in the world’s most hostile bachelorette party. 

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