The HCAC Logo


Drawing inspiration from Kamil Haque, the founder of HCAC, London based designer, Avi Ashkenazi forged the school logo in 2013.

The logo itself is made of a series of five masks placed in various rotations wrapped around of another series of upright masks of decreasing size placed one inside the other with an “X” in the center. The five rotating masks represent the five sensory filters of sight, smell, touch, taste and sound which are how an individual experiences the world. Through those filters we begin to form our identities, the roles we play in life as much as the roles we embody onstage, TV or film. Our identities are symbolized by the upright masks. The upright masks closer to the center are the aspects of ourselves that we are most familiar with.

The “X” in the innermost mask represents our most distinct, compelling and authentic selves. It is our own “X” factor, what makes us engaging and unique. Regardless of who you are, what your occupation or background is, anyone who is synonymous with talent is deemed to possess an “X” factor.

Red as the sole colour used in the logo characterizes the virtues of strength, willpower, passion, love and life.

When viewed as a whole, the entire logo resembles an atom, the basic unit of matter. In life as in art, an individual may be only a part of a whole system and yet each and every component has a vital role to play.

Alternatively, the entire logo may even be viewed as a fingerprint, a long-term marker of individual human identity, the perfect analogy of what we wish to develop in our students.
The “X” which draws a viewer in, represents the focal point of the logo as well as a reminder:
“I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.”
It is within everyone’s ability to Free Your Talent.

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