Prescott Gaylord

Prescott Gaylord is the former Artistic Director of the Baltimore Improv Group, and creator of ‘Unscripted – an improvised play in two acts,’ a show that has enjoyed sold out runs in Baltimore for many years. He has directed large and small scale improvised projects in several cities in the US including, ‘Skinesthesia – Body Painted Improv’, ‘The Movement’ (with modern dance troupe “The Collective”), and ‘Secrets’ (improvised storytelling and secret sharing).  He has performed in and directed shows in improv festivals in Baltimore, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Bethlehem, Washington DC, Austin, New York, Manila, Singapore, Shanghai, and Chicago. Before escaping to Singapore, Prescott was a performing member of Lekker, and Evan the Loyal (in which he performed fully wordless sets from time to time). In Singapore, he has performed mostly  with The Latecomers and NotOK and sometimes a show called “One of Us Is Drunk.” He has taught in Baltimore and in Singapore at The Improv Company, The Singapore American School and Haque Centre for Acting and Creativity.

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