SMS 2017 Thespian: Meet Nur Nadirah Friday!

Nur Nadirah Friday

Nur Nadirah Friday, 24, Speech & Drama Teacher

At first, I joined SMS 2017 because of the prize money to fund a refugee projection. I did it on a whim, but I’m glad I did it. As I went along, I realised there’s a lot of learning to embrace.

I love performing because it allows me to step out of my comfort zone. The fact that I’m clad in a headscarf and pushing myself to put on a hat of a character not associated with my identity as a Muslim woman is something I want to do. If I’m directing my own piece, I definitely have the creative ability to do that.

SMS is great and I’m thankful that such a competition exists. When you audition, there’s usually always a five minute monologue. I already knew what a monologue was in secondary school when I auditioned for a school play. I actually did an entire script on my own as different characters. You know, I wish this competition existed before I went for the audition, but nonetheless I got the part!

My biggest challenge would have to be my confidence level. I usually direct rather than act. It’s easier for me to tell people what to do and work behind the scenes when I’m directing. But the nerves are real when you’re on stage! I feel that this whole learning process will actually help with my directing skills because I will be able to understand the actors a whole lot more. I’d be able to see their world from a better perspective, empathising with them and helping them more effectively.

Check out more about The Singapore Monologue Slam on their website here.

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