SMS 2017 Thespian: Meet Divesh Subaskaran!

Divesh Subaskaran B&W

Divesh, 18, Currently a National Servicemen

I joined SMS 2017 because I feel like it’s an opportunity for me to expose myself in the arts while I’m still working in National Service. What I love about performing is that you get to take over the emotional journeys of the characters and experience something else. There’s something fulfilling about it. And when you’re on stage, it’s sort of like a kick for me and I enjoy doing it. SMS is a really good platform for anyone to try something new, even if you’re not into theatre. It’s a good way to put yourself out there.

Some challenges I would face is obviously that nervous energy you would get especially when you’re not practicing it all the time. You end up becoming self-conscious. But I feel that by continuously putting yourself in that situation, you will get out of that and become more true to yourself when you perform.

My message to other actors and performers is… just crack on with it! Throw yourself into things that make you uncomfortable. That’s what it’s all about! To be an actor, you have to experience eerie situations. It can be awkward at first but that’s what builds confidence and makes you a better actor.

SMS 2017 is gonna be really entertaining! You’re gonna see loads of different pieces, dramatic, comedic and you’re gonna sit there and be taken back by what people have to offer in just one minute. Come and have a laugh and enjoy some true pieces of expression.

Check out more about The Singapore Monologue Slam on their website here.

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