Singapore Monologue Slam: First of its kind in Singapore!

Poetry slam? Check. Story slam? Check. Monologue slam?


That’s right – Singapore is getting its first monologue slam, in the form of The Singapore Monologue Slam!

Organised by Method Productions, The Singapore Monologue Slam promises to be a fun-filled competition that pits talent against talent… against talent.

The special part of the prize is that winners get to film their monologues at the actual location with professional crew (e.g. if your monologue is set in the kitchen, the shoot will be set in a kitchen).

At the semi-final stage on 16 and 17 September, 60 actors, comprising of 30 from the Teens Category and 30 from the Open Category will be given one minute to perform a character-based theatrical monologue in front of a judging panel comprised of industry experts.

Top 10 from Teens and top 10 from Open category will then be chosen to compete in the Grand Slam for the Singapore Monologue Slam Cup on the last day, 18 September 2016. In the Grand Slam, the performers have to wow the judges with two-minute monologues of their own choice.

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Despite being a relative newcomer to the slam circuit, monologue slams been gaining fans around the world, namely in the USA, UK and Canada. Slams like the Manhattan Monologue Slam and the Twinkie’s Hollywood Monologue Slam have drawn significant interest in USA. Monologue Slam UK is another example that has expanded past its humble beginnings at Bethnal Green to become a nationwide event. While its popularity continues to grow in the West, the Singapore Monologue Slam is set on course to bring that experience to Singapore as well. In fact, it may even be the first of its kind in Asia!

Audiences definitely have to look forward to, but monologue slams are perhaps most useful for the actors themselves. These slams not only provide actors a stage for their talent, but allow both professional and aspiring actors opportunities to network and have fun while they’re at it.

To know more, why not join The Singapore Monologue Slam Hangout on Saturday, 9 July 2016 to meet minds like and browse through the library catalogue at HCAC?

After all, you’d never know who you might meet!

To join the The Singapore Monologue Slam Hangout, please register here.

The Singapore Monologue Slam will be held from 16 to 18 September at the SCAPE Gallery Theatre, Level 5.  To participate in the monologue slam, register at this link.

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