Presenting ‘That’s The Story Of My Life’

Life stories. We all have them; yet no two are ever exactly the same. ‘That’s The Story Of My Life’ was an exciting project our founder, Kamil Haque, worked on recently in collaboration with the National Library Board. Bringing together nine ordinary people, each with their own unique story, the production wove a tapestry of life in its many hues.

In just four sessions, the cast trained under Kamil to write and perform their individual pieces as monologues – quite a feat considering that some of the cast had never acted before! They drew inspiration from local literature to seed their monologues.

Their performances struck a chord with both cast and audience. Some stories drew tears, others brought forth smiles. Some resonated more, yet all were deeply personal and heartfelt. It was no surprise that the project brought people closer together, especially the cast. And of course, they were incredibly proud of having come far enough to present this show after just four weeks.

Here’s a peek into their performances on 5th and 6th December at the Geylang East Public Library. Stay tuned the next few days as we’ll be presenting selected stories from ‘That’s The Story Of My Life’!

Elizabeth Gunawan

Elizabeth Gunawan performing ‘Harlem’, inspired by ‘Citizens of the World’ by Su May Tan (Photo by Priyanka Menon)

Jessie SengJessie Seng performing ‘Still Working’, inspired by ‘Cooling-off Day’ by Alfian Sa’at (Photo by Priyanka Menon)

Shamimah MujtabaShamimah Mujtaba performing ‘Vincent’, inspired by ‘Anak’ by Lynn Dresel (published in ‘Balik Kampung 2A’) (Photo by Priyanka Menon)

Julie LamotteJulie Lamotte performing ‘To My Dearest Love’, inspired by ‘Model Citizens’ by Haresh Sharma (Photo by Priyanka Menon)

Serena SeahSerena Seah performing ‘Mother’s Dream’, inspired by ‘Boom’ by Jean Tay (Photo by Priyanka Menon)

That's The Story Of My LifeThe lively team behind ‘That’s The Story Of My Life’ (Photo by Priyanka Menon):
1st row: Kamil Haque (Director)
2nd row (left to right): Shamimah Mujtaba, Meera Nair, Amelia Tang, Serena Seah, Jessie Seng
3rd row (left to right): Aruni Gunawardena (Stage & Sound Manager), Anvita Gupta (Stage Manager & Supporting Actor), Elizabeth Gunawan, Cassandra Spykerman, Ranice Tay, Julie Lamotte

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