A Look Into… The Creation of My Body (2017)

From what started as a two-week exploration and showcase in June of 2016… has now emerged into something bigger.


HCAC presents, The Creation of My Body, a play with 9 women, 5 languages, 15 interlocking stories. 1 Soul. These stories uncover our perceptions of what makes something beautiful and all that encompass the human spirit.

Meet some of the women behind these stories and get to know their experiences throughout the process of discovery and creation in this fantastic production!

“While working on COMB and writing my personal monologue for the show, some of my childhood memories resurfaced, memories that I had no clue about. I realized just how important our past is, the environment we are raised in, people we grow up with … all of it has a huge role in forming our thoughts and ideas, reflecting our opinion about who we are, how beautiful we are….or not.” – Kristina Pakhomova

“The Creation of My Body (COMB)… it’s hard to explain what it means… Extraordinary, really. If COMB never happened, I’m curious where I would be right now.

J.K. Rowling once tweeted, “To gain bravery, do that thing that terrifies you”. That’s what I did. Without COMB, I might have never gained the confidence, courage, bravery, overcoming many fears! One of my biggest fears is talking to people especially strangers. I remember the first day I met these 9 women and director Giovanni Ortega… it was scary. Everyone talked so well and most of the time I didn’t get what they were talking about (Ha). We did exercises… crazy exercises. I remember going home thinking, “Why the hell did I choose to do this?”. But after everything (the show), I can’t really describe it in words… It was my very first theatre experience! Coming back to do this again is the best way to start the new year. These women have inspired me and taught me so much, I’m extremely honoured and thankful for that. And I think we have a very special connection because each of us hold a secret that not even the closest ones to us know. I’ll definitely love to do this again & again.

Still don’t know why you should watch COMB? Well, Power. Pride. Perseverance. We’re coming out of our comfort zone, being vulnerable. If you’re lost or have been lost with life. Come take a look. To see, how you can over come it. Just like us.” – Reiyn Rui Qing

“The Creation of My Body looks at the concept of beauty and derives it from the personal experiences of the cast in an overt as well as a subtle form. It was also my first every production and it kickstarted my journey into the creative field. The process was one which was confusing to me at first, just because everything was so new to me, but through the assistance of the fantastic Giovanni Ortega and the rest of my awesome crew, I got through it. It was also a very interesting experience to co-write the script and also have a huge hand in conceptualising that into a piece that everyone can relate to and introspect on.” – Tanvi Kothary


The cast and crew of The Creation of My Body hopes to see you at the show!

The Creation of My Body runs from 14-15 January at 2pm & 8pm at Haque Centre of Acting & Creativity. To catch the show, RSVP here! Spaces are limited.
Find out more about The Creation of My Body here!

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