Interview with Ralf Rauker

With over 30 years of experience in the theatre field (even working with Jerzy Grotowski himself in the 80s), Ralf Rauker is a maestro in Meyerhold’s BiomechanicsThis ‘psycho-physical actor’s training’ will be happening for the first time at HCAC on 6 November!


In this interview, we get to know Ralf Rauker a little bit more personally about his teaching and experience in theatre.

1. Tell us a little about yourself.

Please, don’t get me started… we’ll still be here tomorrow.

2. What is one thing that we don’t know just by looking at you?

I was an altar boy.

3. How old were you when you first started getting involved with theatre?

Six years.

4. Tell us your favourite memory as a performer.

I was doing a street performance in the South of France, together with my musician best friend, Tom. Most of it was improvised. The character I was playing got stuck. He fell into a ditch and stretched out his arm for help. Nobody in the audience moved. In that moment somebody walked across that public place where we were performing, saw my arm, my hand and grabbed it. He pulled me out of the ditch without thinking about it and disappeared right after. I still wonder what the spontaneous applause of the audience meant to him when he turned around the next corner.

5. Who is your favourite theatre practitioner?

Any of my students who really surprises me.

6. What do you teach?

Making steps, as if it’s your first one.

7. What is your teaching philosophy?

“No pain, no gain” and how to enjoy it!!!

8. What skills, values or mindset do you most want to impart to your students?

Be a beginner, every moment of your professional life.

9. Tell us your favorite memory as a teacher.

Working with my own daughter.

10. What do you wish you’d known before you started your journey as a theatre maker?

That I actually wanted to be a musician…

11. What do you hope for the future of theatre to be like?

A song.

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