HCAC Spotlight: Michael Lee

HCAC is home to a community of people, young and old, all together working on the goal of freeing their talent. It’s about time we shine a light on one of HCAC’s younger students. Meet 17 year old Michael Lee!

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Hi Michael! Introduce yourself.

Hi! My name is Michael Lee Yong En. I’m 17 and still a student. I’m homeschooled, which gives me more time to attend the classes at HCAC. In my free time, I like to read, catch up on my favourite TV shows and draw. I’m more of TV series guy, but if I had to pick a movie, it would be Lincoln. I started taking an interest in acting around the age of 13, when I began to think how fun it would be to be a part of the stuff I watched on TV. In 5 years, I would hopefully be studying in the U.S., living my dreams.

Tell us more about your experience in HCAC.

I wanted to take a variety of classes to learn the different acting techniques I could in order to expand my knowledge of the acting world.

The first class I took at HCAC was a one day introductory class to Lee Strasberg’s Method Acting. The following year I joined a four module acting course for teens. The same year I also went for the Suzuki and Viewpoints class as well as a Commedia Dell’arte workshop. Right now, I’m taking an Improv class under Arnaud Pierre.

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Michael prepping his monologues for The Singapore Monologue Slam 2016.

Every time I go for a different class, it is always interesting to meet instructors from different parts of the world and talk to them and listen to whatever stories they have to tell. Learning the different forms of acting was always a joy if not, sometimes embarrassing. But, I always come out of the courses more confident and ready to go on stage each time. Considering I want to be an actor, I feel that these courses teach a great deal.

What does HCAC give to you that you can’t really find anywhere else or would be harder to find elsewhere?

HCAC gives an opportunity to learn from different instructors that come from all over the world and the variety of different acting methods. Also, the homely vibes that the school gives… I always feel welcome here. I have the chance to talk with the other alumni and hear their stories too especially by reading the HCAC Spotlight articles on the blog. 

You can follow Michael on his instagram (max_caulfield_stirling).

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