HCAC Spotlight: Elaine Siow

She’s worked on theatre, film and tv, from local to UK shores… to Hollywood and Bollywood! Meet Elaine Siow in this month’s HCAC Spotlight!


When she isn’t acting, modelling or collecting stamps on her passport, Elaine spends her time at HCAC learning all there is to learn. Not only does she share how she HCAC has helped her in acting, Elaine also shares with us the invaluable lessons we can apply to life too.

Hi Elaine! What have you been up to? 

Hi! Well, I just finished shooting Saath Nibhaana Saathiya for Star Plus. I only got my script the night before my shoot. My next shoot will be for SGSecure video. I also recently performed in Pioneer Passages: Edward Albee, A Dramatic Reading where I played Nancy in The Seascape and Grandmom in Sandbox. My next travel projects are China in early April and Bali in early May.  I know…. so few trips.

Tell us more about your workshop experience?

My first class at HCAC was a Grotowski workshop on physical action. I’ve taken several Strasberg classes, an improv class, Commedia Dell’Art and many more. It’s just a rumor, but I hear HCAC buys you a new car once you’ve signed up for your 100th class. I’m hoping for a Lambo!

I was new to acting when I started at HCAC. Kamil Haque passion got me hooked bad!  So now I want to continue to craft my skills and learn additional and improve existing techniques.  I also like learning and improving at basic stuff like theatre terminology or memorizing lines.


Elaine in character for The Art of Short Scripts: Table Reading.

I’ve taken numerous classes, and my biggest takeaway from all of it is the importance of preparation.  The more I invest in understanding my character and developing a backstory, reading the entire script and thinking about the story, character motivations and analyzing my choices as an actress, the better I do and the more fun I have. Finally, I have taken to heart that if you are going to fail, then fail gloriously.  I do like being remembered.

How much did you change from when you first joined the course to when it ended.  

For me, the progress has been very real.  I’m more confident, which has led to getting more roles.  But even when I don’t get a role, I get more positive feedback, or at least constructive criticism that I can do something with.  I’ve also learned to be more adaptable.  When I got script the night before the shoot on Saath Nibhaana Saathiya, I didn’t panic… or at least I panicked less!

The relaxation exercises I learned have been very useful, especially the importance of finding tension in your body and then releasing it. Insider tip – get a two minute shoulder massage from Kamil. The man knows what he is doing.


Elaine focused in HCAC’s method acting class. (Photo: Hyperfrontal Productions)

What do you like about being part of HCAC

Yes, the new car thing is something I look forward, but I’m still 80 or so classes away.  So for now my favorite things about HCAC is 1. feeling the warmth of the community the moment I open the red door and walk in, and 2. being able to look forward to that feeling whenever I want. I love the warm and diverse community here.  I love interacting with and being inspired by other artists.  The support from the instructors, my classmates and friends is fantastic and genuine.

The “H” in HCAC is the game changer.  Kamil is a tremendous leader for the community.  He had a dream, pursued it and is now living it.  Mark me down as impressed. I also mentioned his passion, but it’s surpassed by his patience.  He’s a great teacher and has become a good friend.

My website will be coming soon to a computer near you!  Follow my Instagram (elaine_siow_).

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