HCAC Spotlight: Amber Lin

Amber Lin is a freelance actor, drama educator, director and spoken work artist. She is also a self-proclaimed workaholic with a packed schedule, her “free” time is spent going for casting calls and rehearsing.

Amber was led to acting because of her desire to “want to be anyone and do anything”. As an actor, it was easy to get lost in the attention, but more than that, Amber wanted to make a social impact through the arts by influencing audiences to think differently.

Amber NYFA 2015
Amber Lin posing with her award during National Youth Film Awards 2015

Her acting for the main lead in a short film, “Chasing Tomorrow”, caught the attention of the judges at the National Youth Film Awards 2015, and it won her the coveted Best Performance Award. Since then, she has worked on a various film, theatre and television projects.

Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 9.35.28 am

Film still from “Chasing Tomorrow”. Credit: Youtube

Amber felt a personal calling to this field because it was platform in which she was passionate in and also a place she could express her innermost thoughts and desires.

“Acting doesn’t mean pretending.” Amber said, “It means being present in the moment. We don’t judge the best actors on how good they can pretend, but we judge them on how real and truthful they are showing their emotions.”

Graduating from Lasalle in 2014, that was when she first met Kamil, the founder and director of Haque Centre of Acting and Creativity. Having known about Kamil for some time, it didn’t come as a surprise when she finally decided to participate in Singapore Monologue Slam in 2017.

“It was fun to perform again. There was a communal feeling of what it was like to be surrounded with people that do arts. It made me feel more in touch with actors and directors and that I’m not alone in this industry.” Amber said.


For three years, she’d been searching for the “right” job to fit her ideal but she never found it. Speaking to Kamil and a few close friends, they told her ‘if you cannot find a job then make your own job’.

Through their advice and her experience at The Singapore Monologue Slam, she decided it was time for her to perform on stage again. Hence, Force of Choice, a one-woman show was created as a testament of what she could do. The process of creating this show was both “strange and scary”, having been used to working in a team, she felt intimidated at the idea of having to do it by herself.  

“This show was a promise to myself, that no matter what difficulties, mood swings and insecurities that may come. I know that if I can complete this, then I can do anything I want to in the future.” Amber said.

This desire to prove her ability, shows in her strongly goal-oriented and purpose driven lifestyle. She is clear on what she wants in life and is willing to make huge sacrifices to achieve it. A risk that not many would dare make.

Force of Choice will be performed at the Haque Centre of Acting and Creativity. Inspired by Star Wars, a female warrior confronts her personal demons and discovers that only through her struggles are her greatest strengths unveiled.

Date: 18th – 19th November 2017
Time: 8pm
Price: $10.00
Ticketing link here.


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