Actor’s Calling: 2018 Seize The Day!

And so it begins……HCAC goes into the 5th year of operation this year. The end of 2017 saw lots of massive change. Two of our instructors, Arnaud Pierre* and Toby Papazoglou, went on to pursue opportunities in Chicago and New Zealand respectively. To them, I doff my hat and say thank you gentlemen. It was an honour serving beside you. In their wake, the HCAC family welcomes two new instructors, Alessandra Fel and Alison Blanche. Both have an immense pedigree in the work of Jacques Lecoq and Improvisation in their own right.

Among many other changes coming your way (to be announced in due time), HCAC is also moving from a 6 semester program to now just 5 semesters with a 2 week break in between. With the new format, the administrative team will be better able to serve the students and alumni of HCAC and the community at large.. What’s more, with a 2-week break, we’ll be working closer with our sister company, Method Productions to bring fresh and exciting work to be staged in our space for a longer than average Singaporean theatrical run. If you or someone you know has an idea for a show that needs mentorship or guidance in production or artistic direction, do reach out!


 It is an interesting coincidence that today is also the day the Golden Globes results are announced. A fresh batch of actors and actresses join the pantheon of the greats. I personally harbour hopes that one day, Singapore can also lay claim to one such person. Inch by inch, we’ll get there and till then, lots of groundwork must still be laid to ensure the arts can remain a fertile career, pursuit, hobby, outlet and whatever else people need it to be. I am reminded of the quote by the late, great Robin Williams, himself a multiple Golden Globe winner. This is comes from Dead Poet’s Society, the film that gave me the inspiration to become an actor and to coach others……

“Carpe, carpe diem, seize the day boys, make your lives extraordinary…….You must strive to find your own voice because the longer you wait to begin, the less likely you are going to find it at all.”


Make today the day you seize the day, seize the opportunity to express yourself, celebrate your stories and free your talent.

With Hope Towards The Future,
Kamil Haque
Artistic Director

*A big thank you to Arnaud Pierre for putting together this interview you see below.
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