How Acting Makes You a Better Leader (Part 1)

  1.   Honesty

Contrary to popular belief, acting is not about lying, but telling the truth. The commonly accepted definition of acting is “to behave truthfully under imaginary circumstances”. Actors need to learn to display a sense of honesty even through “pretending” by making a character uniquely theirs and advocating for their perspective. In rehearsals, actors need to be honest with what works for them and what doesn’t. When opening nights or project deadlines are due, your work is more important than how you feel about it. Whether onstage or in the workplace, ego is the enemy of honesty.

  1.   Creativity

Creativity is the root of all the arts, including acting. Acting gets your creative juices flowing by requiring you to think outside the box, as you would need to find innovative answers to provocative questions which make for good stories. Similarly, being a leader often means being confronted with many difficult challenges without straightforward solutions. Hence, this is one trait that goes hand in hand for both actors and leaders alike.

  1.   Sense of Humour

Acting is a great way for your personal brand of humour to shine through. It can be difficult to attempt brightening the atmosphere in the office, so where better to learn how to do so than in an acting class, particularly one with other working adults familiar with the corporate environment? Having a sense of humour also humanises and helps you feel more at ease, even with making mistakes, a much needed skill given the high pressure of today’s working world.

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