[Fundamentals of Acting] Follow-up Email After Six Days

Fundamentals Bonus Videos Round 2!

Hi again HCACers,

I hope you enjoyed the last video about finding balance and managing nervousness through the “ Thumbs Up, Cool down ” exercise.

The truth is, even the best actors out there now get nervous from time to time. If you’ve ever felt tense before an event, as your heart and breath quickens then you know what i’m talking about!

Today’s exercise is all about warming up that voice so you can give a thumbs up performance whether it’s a presentation at the office…a speech at a wedding…or a show on stage.

I call it “Loud Hum, Silent Hum” . Attached, you’ll find this very simple (but effective!) exercise.

Video Link:Fundamentals Bonus Videos Round 2

By the way…
Have you given any more thought to where your creative journey will lead you to next?
Stay tuned for the last video!

With Hope Towards The Future,
Kamil Haque
Artistic Director

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