7 Values We Wish To Instill In Your Kids

  1. Authenticity

We believe that authenticity is about teaching children to realize and trust their feelings. At HCAC Kids, the syllabus encourages your children to show their raw emotions and feelings about social issues that are talked about in class.

2. Empathy

Beyond learning how to act, tell stories and write, engaging in the performing arts teaches your child what it means to be fully human. We encourage learning in your children to be global students. HCAC Kids builds awareness of the world through social issues. These issues open up your children’s eyes to the world that they live in, inculcating empathy in them.

3. Truthfulness

As mentioned above, we do not only teach your children to be performers but really to be good human beings of this world. Being truthful is one major value we would like to inculcate in your children. Being truthful in this craft and being truthful to themselves.

4. Fearlessness

Here at HCAC kids, we prepare performers of the future. We encourage your children to be fearless in expressing themselves, fearless in being their true selves. We prompt them to share their thoughts and opinions without being afraid to speak up.

5. Love for self

Even in the workshop for adults, the basic training for all actors is to fully know themselves. Your child knowing who they truly are at a young age will help build their self-confidence and it will be unwavering. They will learn to love themselves from a young age and will have the tools and skills to continue learning about themselves as they grow older.

6. Leadership

We have all heard that children are the leaders of the future, and they are. With speech and drama, children will be taught to be confident in every decision they make on stage and off stage. They will learn to be confident in presenting themselves in front of others.

7. Working with mutually beneficial intent

While there are plays that are one man shows in theatre, we believe that teamwork is a crucial value for children to learn in these classes. We nurture your children to work together with each other to come up with a project that they can call their own here at HCAC Kids.

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