5 Tips for a Good Self-Taped Audition

  1. Find a good lighting

That means either natural lighting, a ring light or an inexpensive light box. You don’t want to obscure your face and mess up your work.

  1. You need good sound

You want your voice to be clear when you send your work to casting. Most cameras and camera phones have built-in microphones, which is more than enough. If you want to be doubly sure, you can consider getting an additional low-cost microphone. 

  1. Work in front of a neutral surface

 For example, a blank wall or you can hang a muted colour sheet as a backdrop so we can focus on you and your acting, not what’s in your home. If you can’t avoid using your bedroom, make sure it’s tidy! 

An extra tip- make sure not to stand right against the wall to avoid any shadows!

  1. Make sure to record horizontally

You watch films and TV on a horizontal screen so it makes sense to also record that way too. Ensure your camera or your phone is stable as well. It makes all the difference. You can either use a tripod or balance your phone or camera on a stack of books

  1. Find a great reading partner

Make sure your self-tape has you working opposite a great reader. That way you have something to feed off of when you record your work to send over to casting.

At the end of the day, casting directors are not expecting Oscar-worthy cinematography. With the above 5 things in mind, you are free to focus on recording and sending over your best take for consideration. Remember every audition is an opportunity to be the solution to the casting director’s problem. Why not have that solution be you! You got this!

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