3 Ways Role Play Can Help With Corporate Success

Corporate role play is a learner-centred method of staff training. Unlike book learning or sit-down workshops, it allows you to put yourself in situations you presently face or have not faced and test out solutions in a safe space. In essence, to be an actor and explore how best to deal with situations without the added pressures of time, stress and judgement. Here are three ways corporate role play can help you succeed at the workplace.


Faced with stressful workplace situations – unexpected events, hostile work environments – we panic and make hasty decisions. Role play is a way to mitigate against that. By engaging in corporate role play, employees anticipate and act on hypothetical situations drawn from real life, preparing them for these situations. When the unexpected does occur, that’s when corporations feel the benefits as staff are able to think on their feet and act quickly and less hastily. Companies also get to anticipate potential problems through role play and craft necessary guidelines in preparation for these situations.


By acting out possible situations in the workplace, you learn more about yourself through your reactions to unexpected situations. Whether you panic, remain calm, get angry, or simply remain nonchalant, there are a number of ways a person can react to any given situation. What corporate role play trains you in is to embrace your reactions and learn how to manage them appropriately for the situation. When role playing with your colleagues, you also learn about the people you work with and discover how best to work together.


Corporate role play is a group activity that allows you to receive constructive feedback on the way you as an individual or as a team respond to various situations. It is important to find a safe space for this, where the feedback is given without criticism or judgement. After all, feedback is intended to help you improve, not discourage you. Corporate role play has the added advantage of allowing you to re-play situations until you have found a solution that you are satisfied with.

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