3 Reasons Why Your Child Will Benefit From Theatre

“You were once wild here. Don’t let them tame you.” – Isadora Duncan

  1. Theatre helps to build your child’s confidence
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 Kai Tomizawa in “Junie B. Jones,” at Oregon Children’s Theatre in 2015. (Photo by Owen Carey)

Yes, it takes time for people to step out of their comfort zones. With that being said, it takes children only a couple of weeks especially at a place that encourages them to be loud and energetic. This is something that they will carry forward, that will also help them in their future. Witness your child transform with the magic of theatre.

2. Theatre helps your kids to express themselves

 A young theater performer workshop at Hale Centre Theatre. Melanie Budge

If the world’s a stage and we’re all merely its players, then what better way to get a dose of life and take it by the horns by getting on the real stage itself. We’ve all heard about Shakespeare’s metaphorical stage time and time again, but let’s not forget that the bard chose the players’ stage to express his thoughts and beliefs.

3. Theatre encourages your kids to be students of the world

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Theatre, at its rawest core, has always been a medium to convey a message. Be it a plot of fantasy or gritty reality, the stories communicate a human experience that reaches out to the audience. To be a good actor, one learns to understand, dissect, and apply the perspectives of the character that help develop a sense of awareness of the world, including sociocultural attitudes of different time periods. Your child’s global citizenship can begin with us!

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