3 Reasons Why Rejection Is Good For You

Rejection is often feared by many and despised by most, but it has proven to be beneficial towards us despite how much it hurts.

Take it from us, actors face rejection every day, from auditions to gruelling rehearsals, we’ve had this feeling for as long as we can remember!

Here are 3 reasons why rejection is good for you:

1. With rejections, growth follows.

When we face rejection, we often fail to see the good it has to offer. We get so consumed by embarrassment that we let the setback dictate what our next move will be.
The idea is not to fear rejection, but study them. Once you understand the reason for that particular rejection, be sure not to make the same mistake. Remember, the first time is a mistake, but the second time is a choice. In a sense, rejection is actually the best teacher one can ever have.

Or better yet, get some practice in a safe space so that your can be free from the fear of failure and learn! That way, the next time you’re asked to step up to the plate, you’ll be ready and more confident than ever.

2. Being rejected is one step closer to success.

Do not get the wrong idea. Being rejected doesn’t make you successful, but you cannot truly taste success without facing rejection. Try this out: the next time you encounter a rejection, start the countdown. You are now 1 rejection closer to your goal. Make it a challenge for yourself. Rejections hurt the most when they are unexpected. Gear yourself for them and you will be pleasantly surprised at how insignificant the next rejection is going to feel.

3. Rejections mean that you are trying!

This may sound silly, but too many people are not given credit where it’s due. To even get rejected, one has to attempt. Many people stay in their comfort zone because things are easier there. While it certainly feels more secure not risking anything, they hardly ever get rewarded.

But it is good to keep in mind that things are bound to get rough. That is when the temptation of giving up really kicks in. Picture yourself in a bicycle race. If you are already at the midpoint, cycling backwards will take as much effort as cycling towards the finish line. If that’s the case, why not push through till the end?

In the words of the most successful movie underdog of all time, Rocky Balboa, “it ain’t about how hard you hit, its about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward.” (1:55 – 2:05)

Build your confidence and competence! Take your first step.

If you have always been curious about acting but you’re still afraid of taking the first step, do it anyway. Do it being afraid. Take that leap of faith. You will be amazed by what comes out of it.

A renewed sense of confidence, a better understanding of yourself and others around you, and hey you may even enjoy it and want to take it up as a hobby!

And for those of you who have already made the commitment, stay true to it. The first step is always the hardest, and so it will get easier. It will.

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Free your talent. It’s time.

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