3 Easy Things You Can Do Right Now To Be More Creative And Fun

Being Fun & Creative

We get it, Singapore can be a tough place to live in with the constant stress and struggle.

Being cooped up in the office all day or at your study table can be a drain on anyone’s soul, but we might just have the right solution for your troubles!

Here are 3 tips we discovered that can help you really break out of that shell and unleash that potential within you!

1) Do something else after work

We know the routine, go to work, come home, have dinner, watch TV, cry in the shower, go to sleep.

It’s comfortable and it works, but it’s probably not going to be the kind of lifestyle that inspires you!

Picking up a hobby opens up brand new options for you, and it’s key to getting those creative juices flowing!

Even Einstein picked up the violin from time to time and sailed out into open sea and I know this because I recently picked up demonology to speak to ghosts and it’s definitely not from this Quora page.

Exposing yourself to different experiences gives you new perspectives and ways of thinking!

Every idea has already been done before in some form or other.

True creativity is how you build on existing ideas with your own unique experiences, so make sure you start building some!

2) Meet new people

Scary, we know!

But meeting new people is just one of the best ways to really expand your horizons!

I’m sure your friends (imaginary or not) are great and all, but you can’t change if you keep that circle the same!

Surrounding yourself with people who are working hard to achieve their dreams can give you that boost you need and rekindle your dead soul.  

Think about it, wouldn’t it be great to talk to a professional dancer?

Or the guy who’s going to change the world with his new start up?

Or maybe you might even meet the love of your life.

Meeting new people can be fun, and the best way to do it is to check out your local Meetup groups or hey, try our first tip and pick up a new hobby!

3. Redirect that energy

Singaporeans really don’t get enough credit for being kiasu or kan cheong all the time.

It takes a lot of work and imagination to think of the worst scenarios in every conceivable part of life and think of solutions.

Want to be first to Shake Shack – “MUST go at 3am to wait if not sure long queue.”

Want to ask out that cute barista – “she confirm tell me my face is damn ugly.”

But hey, it’s proof that we are capable of ideas and a wild sense of imagination.

Instead of thinking about how things could go wrong, think about how they could go right or how you can make it go right!

Open yourself up to more possibilities the next time you face a problem at work, no idea is too dumb because even dumb ideas are still pathways to good ones.

Here’s a cool trick I learned, it’s called the “Yes And” technique and all you have to do is to force yourself to begin each sentence with yes and.

Here’s how it works in practice:

“Nick, do you think you could come in over the weekend to finish the report? Gotta send it to the client on Monday.”

“Yes, and maybe you could help me too so we can get this done faster!”

“Nah bro, I gotta spend time with the kids and missus!”

“Yes, and I think family is so important, so important that I might have to bring my 3-year-olds to the office… the ones I’m supposed to look after this weekend….without any supervision… because I’m rushing a report… in an expensive office full of equipment… that could break.”

“Never mind, I’ll get the intern to do it”

See, it saved my life, and it’ll save yours too!

Free your Talent!

I hope you picked up some good tips to unleash that creative spirit in you!

I know what you’re thinking, where the hell did I get all these crazy ideas from?

Well, believe it or not acting classes really helped pave the way for a lot of these!

“The Yes” and technique? It’s only the first and most important rule of comedic improvisation!

Meeting new people? You’re bound to meet all sorts of fun folks in class!

And hey if you’re new to this whole thing try our workshop for beginners – Fundamentals Of Acting or Improv!

And relax, just because you’re taking an acting class doesn’t mean you’ll be on camera or on stage, you’ll just be able to get away with doing all the crazy things you wish you could do in class.

See you around!

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