The Haque Collective (THC) is a theatre company, made up of the staff and alumni of HCAC. THC is one of the few theatre companies in Singapore with a dedicated resident director and playwright. Each season, THC opens up auditions for new members from the HCAC family to work together to create the next major production. The mission is to ensure that these dedicated artists from all backgrounds and ethnicities make theatre-making and theatre-going accessible to anyone with a love for it.

The Haque Collective (THC) believes in the positive force of a global community to impact individual destiny. The craft of the collective of global artists, all connected by the HCAC family, responds to the richness, diversity, and complexity that is Singapore. THC produces and presents made-with-Singapore, original, provocative, culturally diverse work.

2019 saw The Haque Collective (THC) debut their inaugural production, 'The Jugular Vein' at Centre 42 to a full house run and much success. The play was about the world's most hostile bachelorette party.

In 2020, you can look forward to more original material from this promising theatre troupe.