Tarun Satyakumar

Tarun Satyakumar wears many colourful hats – consultant by day, actor/writer by night. His love for theatre and story-telling began as a child eagerly watching and imitating masters such as Al Pacino and Robert De Niro. He found a passion for stage performance and character portrayal throughout his time at school and university, and decided to embark on his journey as a creative double-lifer! His skills and repertoire have since been honed and supplemented by pursuing various classes at HCAC.

Tarun has been actively involved in the Singapore Theatre community since 2014. His past work includes directing a version of Robert Yeo’s “Are you there Singapore?” and playing a lead role in a production of Chong Tse Chien’s “Charged” under the guidance of Margaret Chan, the latter being a collaboration between 3 institutions (SMU, IT, and Republic Polytechnic).

Looking ahead, Tarun hopes to bring his work to wider audiences and contribute to the local arts community by telling powerful, impactful stories on- and off-stage and screen.


Height Race Languages
Indian English, Hindi


PLAY TITLE Character Theatre Company Director
Secret Images of Happiness Lead Method Productions Kamil Haque
Charged Lead SMU / ITE / RP Margaret Chan
Stefan Supporting Buds Theater Co. Rebecca Lee
Bluebird Lead Method Productions Kamil Haque
Secrets and Lies Lead SMU Stage-It Amber Estad


FILM TITLE Role Production Company Director
The Accused Lead Singapore Management University Siew Ann


  • Haque Centre of Acting & Creativity

    Lee Strasberg Method Acting

  • Haque Centre of Acting & Creativity

    Fundamentals of Acting on Camera


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