Scene Study Workshop

  • About this Workshop

    In this workshop, we take a specific scene from a movie, television or play and work on it in front of an acting instructor or a group of peers. The goal is to receive specific constructive feedback that helps the actor improve their craft and their abilities in specific roles.

    Scene Study is a way for actors to continually work on their craft and discover their strengths and weaknesses. It’s a great way to take all the exercises and techniques they have learned to create characters, connect to the emotions of the part, and fight for what they need and put them into a performance.

    Scene Study is a very important part of the actor’s process because it makes the actor harness his or her skill set to create a performance. Technique classes are where actors learn the exercises and build up their foundational skills, Scene Study is where they put it all together.

  • Who is the workshop for?

    It is best for actors who already have some training and some skills that they can bring to the performance of a scene and are looking to keep their craft sharp. Even though acting experience is required, the student does not need to be a professional. Students who have taken the HCAC Method Acting workshops will find this useful. Minimum age requirement is 18 years.

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Every Wednesday, 7.30pm – 9.30pm for 6 sessions.

August 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th
September 1st, 8th


The group is divided into couples and given scenes. One couple performs each week.  After their first performance, guidance is given from the facilitator and their peers give constructive feedback. The couple will give at least one more performance for the group after receiving the feedback. The scenes are given to the actors in the first session where they will have a chance to read it through with their partners, discuss, ask questions and schedule at least one day of rehearsals before their allotted week.Week 1:
An introduction to scene study where we will look at clips from popular movies to attempt to answer the question “Why is this scene good?”
Techniques on self rehearsal.
How to give constructive feedback.
Actors are given their scripts and partners.
A schedule for Weeks 2-5 is solidified as each couple will perform/film their assigned scenes at least twice per class.Week 2 – Workshop Couple 1
Week 3 – Workshop Couple 2
Week 4 – Workshop Couple 3
Week 5 – Workshop Couple 4
Week 6 – Informal Showcase


  • Explore different writers, styles and genres of scripts
  • Focus on detailed work concentrating on motivations, timing/pace, playable actions, finding the chapter’s journey from beginning to the end of the scene
  • Realise the collaborative process between actors, directors, and coaches.  Students also learn how to give constructive feedback to other students.


  • To gain confidence in approaching full-length scenes
  • Experience in working with well-written scenes and complex characters
  • To define what a “playable action” is and how to implement them in a scene
  • Learn how to use all your tools in your actor’s toolbox to create dramatic moments in a scene

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About the Instructor

Krissy Jesudason

Krissy has been a professional actress since 2010 and has experience performing in Canada, the UK and Singapore.  She is best known for her work on Mediacorp’s long running drama “Tanglin” where she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the Asian Television Awards in 2017.  She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The University of British Columbia specialising in Theatre (Performance).  She moved back to Singapore in 2012 and began her acting career here with SRT’s Shakespeare in the Park.  Since then she has self-produced 3 shows under Phenix Arts and Wag the Dog, performed in multiple shows with theatre companies around the island and in 2016 she made the switch to TV.  Krissy is currently appearing on “Kin” and “Slow Dancing”.

Krissy first began teaching with HCAC in 2015 where she taught the “Intimate Shakespeare Series”, workshops focusing on performing Shakespearean text in a small studio space.  She is looking forward to getting back to teaching after a brief hiatus.