Fundamentals of Acting on Camera

  • About this Workshop

    Being an ~actor~ can mean so many different things to everyone, but to appear on screen brings about a unanimous sense of excitement and fear!

    While these two emotions can feel pretty polarising, Fundamentals of Acting on Camera aims to harness these emotions and help you get comfortable with all the practical and technical aspects of working on camera as well as the terminology used.

    The interactive workshop will give you a comprehensive understanding of how the ecosystem of a set runs. Once you get familiar with the workings on set, assimilating yourself into character becomes second nature and then the magic begins!

  • Who is the workshop for?

    Anyone and everyone! Similar to the fundamentals of acting, this workshop is designed for anyone that has ever been curious about the wonders of acting and is willing to give their inner artist a shot!

    Minimum age for admission is 13 and above.

Workshop Fees:


    • Date

21st April 2021: Wednesday, 7:30pm – 10:30pm (FULL)
21st May 2021: Friday, 7:30pm – 10:30pm

Read our updated safety measures in the studio here: https://methodactingasia.com/updated-safety-measures/articles



  • Understanding the roles each department plays on set
  • Getting comfortable with the terminology used on set
  • Understanding technical direction in front of the camera
  • Understand the difference between acting for the camera and live theatre and the subtleties involved depending on the camera setups.


  • Eyelines
  • Continuity
  • Adjusting to different shot sizes
  • Cheating for the camera
  • Single camera and multi camera setups
  • Stand-ins
  • Hitting a single mark
  • Multi mark blocking
  • Volume levels
  • The various departments involved

  • Understanding the language used on set
  • Ability to apply basic technical understanding to a performance in front of the camera
  • Realising the team work involved in a TV/Film production

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I have no experience in acting and I’m really shy, is this workshop for me?

Yes! This workshop is designed to be a whole lot of fun for beginners. We’ll be encouraging, but we’ll never push you further than what you’re comfortable with.

What are the classes going to be like?

The class moves fast – we’ll start with a quick introduction, some warm up activities and we’ll dive straight into our interactive games and exercises.

I’m not sure if HCAC is right for me, can I audit a workshop session?

Yes, you can. Simply email hello@hcac.sg with the heading “Workshop Audit”.

With the following information:
(i) Workshop name you want to sign up for
(ii) Your name
(iii) Your email
(iv) Your contact number

Will it be awkward if I come alone?

Absolutely not! In fact, HCAC is a great place to meet like-minded friends.

Do I have to bring anything to the classes?

As our activities and games involve movement, we’d advise wearing something comfortable.
If you’re attending the workshop after work, office wear is fine! (Note: Skirts/dresses might impede some movements)

I’m an actor, why should I sign up for workshops at HCAC?

HCAC offers comprehensive, carefully structured and rigorous actor training workshops and programmes. We believe in providing the actor with a stable and reliable framework for his work through various methods of acting.

The actor’s instrument is his mind and body. This means that both the physical and mental muscles require consistent conditioning and research to keep the instrument sharp and prepared, ready to go at a moment’s notice.

This is why we review our curriculum meticulously and constantly check in with our students’ progress here. Our immersive training programme contain both depth (i.e. 8 weeks programmes) and breadth (i.e. short intensives) modules.

With training, actors become more acquainted with the strengths and weaknesses of their instrument, and are better able to be in control of it. They become more grounded in truth and are able to ensure greater sensitivity when approaching their work. Their work becomes more visceral, more in tune with the human condition and certainly, in most instances, more relatable.

HCAC also offers one-on-one coaching sessions to help actors prepare for various industry-related scenarios e.g. audition coaching, role coaching etc. Actors will receive personalised feedback on their material. We believe in producing actors and performers whose work is serviceable to the industry.

I’m not an actor, why should I sign up for workshops at HCAC?

Everyone can benefit from creativity and self-expression.

In fast-moving societies (and particularly in Asia) people often suffer from high levels of stress. Many condition themselves to suppress their emotions and impulses, avoid taking risks, and fall into patterns of habit in their daily lives. Our programmes can help to release these unwanted tensions, encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone and experience life at its fullest.

HCAC offers a safe, judgment-free environment where everyone is free to discover themselves. Through acting, you will explore your consciousness, heighten your self-awareness and develop your sensitivity to the people and world around you. This in turn will benefit your life and career.

Even if you have no intentions of being an actor, our training can help you explore and express various facets of your personality. We aim to equip you will the skills to free your unique talent and creativity so that you become a confident, competing and effective communicator in your workplace and even at home.

Can I repeat a workshop?

At HCAC we believe in the benefits of continuous training and development, both as actors and as people.

We design our programmes so that you may repeat them to deepen your understanding and enrich your skillset without feeling as if you are just learning the same thing over again. If you take the same programme again your coach will ensure there are new exercises and assignments to further your training and push your creative capabilities. Our priority is your personal and professional growth.

If you are a Student Card holder you can receive 50% off when you repeat any programme that you have taken before.

About the Instructor

Emil Marwa

Emil Marwa has been a professional actor for over 25 years. Emil first realised he wanted to act at the tender age of 8 when he played Peter in a school production of “Peter And The Wolf”. At 13, he made his TV debut as a regular in the BBC kids show “Grange Hill”, various commercials and TV roles followed. He then went on to study Acting at Rose Bruford college of Speech and Drama in London graduating with a BA Honours. His first role was that of Muneer Khan in the award winning play “East Is East” at the Royal Court Theatre. He then went on to play Bertram in “Alls well that ends well” for the Oxford stage company directed by Peter Brooks’ daughter Irena.

It was then that his film career began with the role of Moose opposite Oscar nominee Samantha Morton in “The Last Yellow”. Emil reprised his role in the movie version of “East Is East” which won a BAFTA and became an international hit. He then went to the US to play Vijay Rau in “The Guru” playing opposite oscar winner Marisa Tomei, he played opposite Tim Robbins in “Code 46” and then went on to play his first leading role in the Norwegian hit “Izzat”where he was nominated for best actor at the AMANDAs.

He starred in the sequel to “East Is East”, “West Is West”and British zombie comedy “Doghouse”. More recently, he played opposite Jake Gylenhall and Gemma Arteton in “Prince of Persia” unfortunately, his scenes only saw the cutting room floor! In 2014, he played Tuveh Ben Mayer in “The Physician” alongside Ben Kingsley and Stellan Skarsgard and 2017 will see the release of low budget British thriller “Winners” in which he plays the lead.

Emil has appeared in numerous British TV shows over the years and performed in the West End several times.

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