Directing Actors Masterclass

  • About this Workshop

    This intensive workshop will equip emerging theatre and film directors with the skills and vocabulary to talk to and coach actors before, during and after: a rehearsal for stage or film, a live stage performance, a take in front of a camera on a set and an extended project for film.

  • Who is the workshop for?

    This workshop is for emerging film & theatre directors. Prior training as an actor or director with an intention to pursue directing as a career is preferred but not required. Minimum age for admission is 18 years.

Workshop Fees:


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3-session intensive workshop.

30th April 2021: Friday, 7.30pm – 10.30pm
1st May 2021: Saturday, 10.30am – 6.30pm
2nd May 2021: Sunday, 10.30am – 6.30pm


  • Auditioning an actor
  • Choosing a script
  • What to look out for during casting – Relating to audience, co-actor and instruction
  • Talking to an actor before performance:
    – Discussing character and script before first rehearsal
    – Immersing the actor in the environment before performance
  • Talking to an actor during performance:
    – Looking for a spark
    – Repetition during rehearsal
    – Coaching on set
    – Filling in the actor on his/her performance before the audience
  • Talking to an actor after performance:
    – How to evaluate each take and give advice for next take/scene
    – Sharing with the actor your view of dailies
    – Appraising the actor of the development of his/her character


  • To be able to articulate what it is to look out for for each character
  • How to evaluate whether an actor is suitable for the role and the project
  • To be able to prepare the actor for rehearsal, performance and camera takes
  • To be able to give useful feedback during rehearsal and the course of an extended project
  • Create the conditions for which advice can be given to the actor after each rehearsal, camera take or live stage performance.
  • Master the vocabulary to give useful notes to aid the next rehearsal, performance or camera take.

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What is special about this workshop?

Very few courses are targeted at directors focusing on their work with actors. The course aims to plug this gap. Preparations should include a working knowledge of acting and directing. A familiarity with plays and screenplays will be a plus.

Must I have worked professionally to be admitted to this class?

Prior training as an actor or director with an intention to pursue directing as a career is preferred but not required. Minimum age for admission is 18 years.


About the Instructor

Alec Tok

Alec Tok is a film and theatre director. He had a prominent career as a stage actor and was a highly successful producer of popular musicals and comedy revues, in Singapore. He moved into directing after obtaining an MFA in Directing from the prestigious Yale School of Drama. Since then, his work has been seen by audiences in San Francisco, New York, Hong Kong and Shanghai. A BIG ROAD was Alec’s first full-length feature film. His latest work, NANYANG, THE MUSICAL was commissioned by the Singapore International Festival Of Arts.