BOAL Masterclass: We Need You!

  • About this Workshop

    BOAL: WE NEED YOU! is an all day 4-part workshop for creating positive solutions for social-political-personal issues. Boal's someone who never went away: in fact, the guy is more relevant today than ever before! And you're never alone. The guy loved his ensembles, his audiences, the interactions, and so will you. So, how much do you need him? How relevant do you want to be? How much do you want to express yourself and transform?

    Come and find out.

    Performers are introduced to his best exercises then thrown headfirst into creating Interactive Forum Theatre where lines blur between performers & audience and everyone signs on and contributes to dealing with all sorts of problems and dilemmas.

    All the best work is collated and filmed throughout the day culminating in showing your original, creative work both inside and outside of the studio.

  • Who is the workshop for?

    Performers interested in understanding both themselves and the wider world around them. Exploring/expanding their own ideas.
    Being a part of a ensemble, and of something larger than themselves. Performers who want a challenge! No min age required.

Workshop Fees:


    • Date

Workshop Breakdown: 

Part 1 (90 mins)
Forum Theatre/Theatre of the Oppressed
Boal exercises
Ensemble exercises (Less Talk, More Action-see below)

Part 2 (90 mins)
Exploring Themes:
Boal’s themes
Your themes
Ensemble themes

Part 3 (90 mins)
The Work/Your work:
Site Specific: developing locations inside/outside of HCAC

Part 4   (90 mins)
Presentation/Reworking best work:
Film it


  • Creative play with purpose
  • Creative problem solving
  • Developing the Ensemble
  • Participating in site specific-Interactive Forum Theatre


  • Sharing ideas & issues
  • Observation/Listening
  • Transformation
  • Finding solutions
  • Audience as performers/Performers as Audience

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About the Instructor

Neil Farrelly

Neil studied at University of Middlesex, London. Since then, he has been based in Asia teaching, directing, consulting, performing and developing projects with local street children, kindergarten-college level students, performers, artists, arts centres wherever he can find them. He has produced a number of books on widely different themes: “DAMN IT, DO IT,”(reflections of a radical nun): “ISABELLA SAYS,”(with his 5 year old autistic great niece): “LESS TALK, MORE ACTION,”(best Ensemble exercises): “100: What The Funny?(true comedy stories…). He lives in northern Japan with his Japanese wife and Italian dog. Some of his work can be found at: www.theisabellasaysproject.co.uk