The Benefits of Method Acting

Benefits for Actors

  • Allow actors to be more ‘alive’ on camera or onstage.
  • Help actors make more specific acting choices that are grounded in their sense of truth.
  • Fosters greater sensitivity and self-awareness without being self-conscious.
  • Lessens the gap between the actor and the character. Create more authentic, distinct and compelling performances.
  • Give actors the skills to prepare for more impactful auditions and roles better.
  • Improve actor-director communication.
  • Actors learn to release tension which can desensitise them.
  • Actors increase their powers of focus, observation and specificity.
  • Actors are in control of their emotions so that they can think on their feet, outside the box
  • Actors make clear deliberate decisions under pressure.

Benefits for Non-Actors

  • Non-actors will become more comfortable with public speaking.
  • Non-actors will develop their self-confidence.
  • Listening skills and charismatic presence.
  • Non-actors learn new ways to relieve stress.
  • Non-actors will find their own unique identity and voice.
  • Non-actors hone their ability to give/receive, objective, constructive feedback.
  • Increased ability to solve problems within a given set of confines.
  • Enhanced decision making skills, initiative and instincts of discovery.
  • Non-actors learn to make clear, deliberate choices quickly.
  • Non-actors learn to be team players.