Internship Positions

About internships at HCAC

At HCAC we believe in the power of education and training. We also know that real world experience is vital to both professional and personal success.

We are always looking for talented, self-motivated and entrepreneurially-minded individuals hungry to learn on the job. As we are an independent company with a tightly knit team we can offer you experience in the all the different aspects of running a successful acting studio. You will be exposed to the areas of business planning & development, creative marketing, design, social media management and proposal & presentation writing as well as interaction with some of the best performing arts coaches in Singapore – all in a nurturing and professional environment. We are happy to receive applications from people from all different educational and personal backgrounds.

Available positions

We currently have Internship openings for:

  • Public Relations
  • Grant Writing
  • Design
  • Event Photography/Videography
  • Digital Media/Marketing
  • Business Development

Application instructions

Application Instructions

If you are eager for firsthand experience to further your studies or career we would love to hear from you.

Please email us at: with the following:

– Tell us a bit about yourself – What are you currently doing? Why would you like to intern at HCAC? Is there an area of our business that you are most interested in?

– Your resume