FUNdamentals of Acting (7-8yr olds) – 2nd Feb

2-Hour Workshop

Upcoming Class Schedule

2 February, 2020

Sunday, 10.30am — 12.30pm

Programme Details

Who is this workshop for?
Children between the ages of 7-8 years of age who are interested in developing their personal expression through the tools and skills of theatre.


How does acting help in building creative self expression?
Read this article on Why the Arts are Still Relevant: Creative Self Expression Matters Even More Now

About This Workshop
In this 2 hour workshop, your child will learn how to hone their personal expression, be aware of the difference between self, other, and the world, working with mutually beneficial intent and authenticity all while exploring different aspects of theatre through engaging games and exercises. Most importantly, they can be assured of the “fun” in the fundamentals. This workshop is for children between the ages of 7-8 years old.


  • United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  • Exercises from the world of theatre that emphasise Physical, Mental and Emotional awareness and control

About the Instructor

Vignesh Singh

Vignesh is an advocate for investigation and facilitating safe spaces so that each student may attempt
to expand their awareness, beliefs, and possibilities freely.

Areas of Focus

  • Self-awareness
  • Social understanding and communication
  • Self, Other, World

Learning Outcomes

  • Greater awareness and impact of personal expression
  • Demonstrate problem-solving skills in the creation of artistic work
  • Understanding the value of working with working with mutually beneficial intent

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FUNdamentals of Acting (7-8yr olds) – 2nd Feb / 2-Hour Workshop

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31 January 2020