Film Combat

5-session evening workshop

Upcoming Class Schedule

14 January, 2020 — 18 February, 2020

Tuesday, 8.00pm — 10.00pm

Programme Details

Action. Reaction. Camera!

This workshop is for actors, filmmakers, online content creators or anyone who just wants to get physical and have fun doing it. In this workshop, you will learn how to fight for the medium of TV and film. The instructor will impart the fundamentals of Film Combat as well as how to create a fight sequence using non-contact fight techniques. By the end of the semester, you’ll be working towards creating and shooting a fight scene of your own.

The workshop has a hands-on component. Participants must be comfortable with physical contact. Participants will also be working in pairs and therefore are highly encouraged to sign up with people that they’re comfortable with. Participants will be required to use their handphones or iPads for the course to shoot and edit the final fight sequence of the workshop. Participants should have access to a basic movie maker app on their phone or something similar.

The minimum age of admission is 16 years old.

Full Workshop Schedule
Tuesday, Jan 14, 21, Feb 4, 11, 18
8.00pm – 10.00pm

Work-in-Progress Showcase on March 1st, 6pm

(Scene from “Meals on Wheels”, considered Jackie Chan’s best film combat sequence of all time)


  • Safety
  • Warm Ups
  • Fight Techniques
  • Production Plan (Script, Costume)
  • Combinations/Choreography

About the Instructor

Stuart Clifford

Stuart Stephen Clifford has over a decade of experience in Fight Choreography,
is an internationally recognized 3rd Dan black belt Aikido instructor
(Chief Instructor and founder of Aikido Goshinkai Singapore)
and possesses a black sash in Hung Gar Kung Fu.

Areas of Focus

  • Learn Film Combat Techniques
  • Choreograph a Fight Scene
  • Shoot a Fight Scene

Learning Outcomes

  • Design a Fight Scene
  • Apply Film Combat Techniques and Demonstrate Safely
  • Create a Short Video of Your Final Fight Scene

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Film Combat / 5-session evening workshop

Registration closes:
10 January 2020