24hr Devised Theatre: Fast Show

2 sessions in 2 days with a public showcase

Upcoming Class Schedule

22 November, 2019 — 23 November, 2019

Friday, 7.30pm — 10.30pm

Saturday, 10.00am — 10.00pm

Programme Details

What is this Workshop About?
Everything is done in a day followed by a show in the evening! Students work in full group ensemble and pairs from very short scripts and interpret them for a 60 minute performance, titled Fast Show, with a live audience.  Students are challenged to change & adapt them in as many ways as possible by using different theatre styles (Musical theatre/Improvisation/Brecht/Tragi-comedy) &  concepts (Space/Time/Relationships/Situation). The Fast Show is special because over the past 5 years in been done many times in many different countries and cultures with many different kinds of groups: high school, college, acting studios, and it always works in some form or another. Always!

This 2-day workshop itself is for artists and performers who want to develop their creative skill set and challenge themselves, the group, the process and their audience with their work. All participants must be  16 years and above and have at least some experience in acting or actor training.



About the Instructor

Neil Farrelly

Neil Farrelly studied at University of Middlesex, London, Neil studied Performing Arts at University of Middlesex, London, and, after graduating, set up his own theatre company. For the past twenty years, he has been based in Asia teaching, directing, consulting and performing with all levels of students. Neil has worked with street children in Calcutta, elementary to college level in India and Japan, International Schools in China, Middle East and SE. Asia, IB students , and drama schools students in the UK.

In 2003, he set up Nose2Nose Ltd, a creative arts company, with Timothy and Ben Mann. Since then, the company has toured extensively on an annual basis all over Asia at festivals, events, schools and colleges. The latest production, ‘SPACE’, a one-man show by Timothy Mann, directed by Neil, has been toured from Turkey, Middle East, India and East Asia, as well as festivals in the UK. Neil also works for the International Schools Theatre Association (ISTA) as a workshop leader , and regularly collaborates on creative projects with other artists all over Asia. His first book, ‘Girls are our Future,’ was published in 2017,  and is busy working on numerous future books. He lives with his Japanese wife and Italian dog in North Japan.

More information about Nose2Nose can be found at www.nose2nose.org

Areas of Focus

  • The group ensemble is paramount
  • Understanding you and the group
  • Ideas development
  • Developing your skill set
  • Playing your audience

Learning Outcomes

  • You'll learn more about yourself and how you work
  • You'll learn about the ensemble and your place in it
  • You'll learn to say yes and to trust your ideas and everyone around you
  • you'll learn about the dynamics of a live audience and how to connect with them

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24hr Devised Theatre: Fast Show / 2 sessions in 2 days with a public showcase

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16 November 2019