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The nature of the workplace has changed since the days of predictability. We now live in an age of chaos and complexity. Changes occur frequently and fast. Causality cannot be established as there are often too many factors to consider. User experience becomes paramount. As the world charges on ahead, workplaces need to adapt to keep up. Essential qualities now include flexibility, spontaneity, creativity, responsiveness and interpersonal skills.

Our Corporate Development Programmes are tailored to help your workplaces keep up with the demands of the changing economy and to train staff to be effective ambassadors for your company.

What do we offer?

Actor training can be an innovative and effective way to train your staff to deal with the difficulties of everyday work. More importantly, it engages staff in fun activities that will also raise your team’s spirit.

From SMEs to the civil service and large companies, we offer highly customisable programmes depending on your specific needs. Our suggested workshops include both group workshops and one-on-one training with a facilitator:

1) Corporate Roleplay (Group)

2) Corporate Confidence (Group)

3) Corporate Creativity (Group)

4) Corporate Bonding (Group)

5) Corporate Pitching (Individual)

6) Corporate Coaching (Individual)

Check out our HCAC Corporate Deck for more information on these workshops.

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“This is not your usual run-of-the-mill skills upgrading workshop … but a really unique experience of self-discovery through a series of unexpected exercises and insightful comments – and then the true sculpting of the individual begins.”

– Lionel Gao, Manager

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“Kamil played a pivotal role in helping me re-connect with my beliefs and re-build my confidence during a crucial time before an important pitch to 200 investors.”

– Aashish Mehta, CEO

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About the Instructor

Kamil Haque

Kamil Haque is the founder and Artistic Director of Haque Centre of Acting & Creativity. After 8 years working & coaching in LA Kamil returned to Singapore in 2013 to establish HCAC. He graduated top of his class from the American Musical & Dramatic Academy with a BA(Hons) in Acting. He is also the first and only Asian to be given the privilege to train and then coach at the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute. Kamil has also been a working observer at the world-renowned The Actor’s Studio, Head Acting Instructor at East West Players and Global Internship Director at the Company of Angels. To date, Kamil has coached over 1000 students, many of which have appeared on stage as well as in film, television shows & national commercials around the world. Please also see this link.

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