Comedic Improvisation (Advanced)

8-session weekend workshop with public showcase

Upcoming Class Schedule

11 January, 2020 — 23 February, 2020

Saturday, 3.00pm — 6.00pm

Programme Details

Who is this workshop for?
Anyone who wants to bring their improv skills to the highest level and explore new improv formats, approaches, and techniques.
The minimum age for admission is 16 and above.

You must have completed at least an introduction and an intermediate-level improv class.

Full Schedule
Saturday, Jan 11, 18, Feb 1, 8, 15, 22
Sunday Jan 19th, Feb 23rd
3.00pm – 6.00pm

Public Showcase
The 8-session workshop culminates in a showcase for the public called Left In Stitches.
Participants will be paid a percentage of the box office to incentivize professional work.

Left in Stitches on Friday, Feb 28th 8pm – 9.30pm

About This Workshop
Each course will be customized on the fly to match student’s expectations and curiosity. The program will be designed either by tapping into a bank of hundreds of proven exercises, either by creating new, tailored games to work on a specific aspect of your improv world.

The sky is really the limit for this workshop. We can literally explore anything:

  • Learning new formats:

    • Johnstone’s formats (Maestro, Theatresports, Gorilla Theatre, The Life Game)
    • The Harold and its derivatives, various long-forms (Spokane, Montage, Tryptic, Armando, The Bat, Deconstruction,…)
    • Narrative formats (one-act, three-acts or five-acts improvised plays,…)
    • Cabaret short forms and competitive formats (Improv Match, Improv Catch,…)
    • Free-forms
  • Creating new formats:
    • Fundamentals of format creation
    • Setup, decor, staging and directing
  • Improv for actors:
    • Character creation
    • Nature of movements & Physicality
    • Clowning, realistic acting, oniric style,…
  • Improv for writers:
    • Storytelling techniques (short stories, Hero’s Journey,…)
    • Genre tropes and codes
    • Micro vs Macro writing
    • Comedy writing toolbox
  • Improv for directors:
    • Directing actors
    • Devised theatre techniques
    • Creative Stage Design with little to no means

Various groups can be created from this class that will get to take the stage at HCAC.


  • Setting up personal objectives
  • Exploring various artistic processes
  • Exercises and program designed on the spot
  • Character and scene work
  • Performance preparation

About the Instructor

Arnaud Pierre

Arnaud has worked with various coaches on various different improv formats for 8 years: from the very narrative style of Keith Johnstone to Del Close’s organic approach through to Viola Spolin’s games-based format. He has performed with a variety of different improv troupes in France, and in national and international festivals. Please also see this link.

Areas of Focus

  • Students will get to try their hand at almost any style of improv
  • Getting students to understand what is their forte and what areas they need to focus on to bring their improv to the next level
  • Students will broaden their personal toolbox of techniques, resources and exercises that will help them throughout their entire life as an improviser
  • Bringing students closer to autonomy as an artist, trusting their instincts and creative process
  • Allowing students to perform as much as possible and gain tons of experience on stage

Learning Outcomes

  • Knowledge of one's favorite style of improv
  • Increased concentration stamina
  • Broader creativity
  • Going from good to great shows

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Comedic Improvisation (Advanced) / 8-session weekend workshop with public showcase

Registration closes:
9 January 2020