Backpack Filmmaking

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18 March, 2019 — 6 May, 2019

Monday, 7.30pm — 10.30pm

Programme Details

Who is this workshop for?
This is the first and only fully phone-based film course in South East Asia offering students the chance to create their own short films that help make the world a better place, while using just their own phones and equipment that fits in a small backpack.  We will ensure you aren’t overwhelmed by technology, the complexity and the elitism of filmmaking. The goal of this course is to make filmmaking open to everyone so that more diverse and meaningful stories can be told! You must be at least 15 years of age as a minimum age of admission into this workshop.

Workshop Pre-requisites?
You must have a working smartphone

What is special about this workshop?
This workshop will highlights the immense potential of telling visual stories that focus on ideas that matter, and that covers the future practicalities of promoting your film and pitching future projects. It’s a seamless blend of the creative and the practical, with a dose of business sense thrown in!

Expanded Syllabus:
Understanding Communications Theory
What makes a story compelling
Understanding motivation and conviction
Why fiction helps change minds
What kinds of stories can inspire positive outcomes
Stories for Good Showreel

Understanding Written Storytelling
The Three-Act Structure
Character Development
Dialogue and Monologue
Screenwriting essentials
Movement and Writing

Understanding Visual Storytelling
Why Films and Filmmaking
Sequential Visual Understanding
Seminal Short Films

Understanding Practical Filmmaking
Production Planning

Understanding Phone Filmmaking
The Backpack Concept
Be Lean, Be Quick, Be Adaptable
Phones and Tablets, learn their strengths
Software and Equipment for filmmaking

Being a Filmmaker
The Building Blocks of a Short Film
Shot Selection
Camera Angles
Sound Recording
Directing Actors
There is no Try

Understanding Post Production
Editing Theory
Editing Practice
Editing Software
Sound Design
Sound Effects

What Next: The Challenges and Thrills of having a completed film
Festivals and Competitions
Online Sharing with friends and strangers
Accepting Feedback

The Art of the Pitch
Pitching Your Next Project
What is Pitching
Why should anyone support you?
The Art of a Great Pitch

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  • Understanding Communications Theory
  • Understanding Written Storytelling
  • Understanding Visual Storytelling
  • Understanding Practical Filmmaking
  • Understanding Phone Filmmaking
  • Being a Filmmaker
  • Understanding Post Production
  • What Next: The Challenges and Thrills of having a completed film
  • The Art of the Pitch

About the Instructor

Tejas Ewing

Tejas Ewing is a Journalist and Author covering social justice issues, a Filmmaker and CEO of Ewing Communications. He teaches filmmaking at NAFA, and specialises in creating innovative learning programmes for NGOs, Academia, Government and the wider non-profit sector. As a filmmaker, he studied at Prague Film School, and has worked on over 15 short films, including both Award-Winning and Award-Nominated films.

He has a passion for telling compelling stories that encourage audiences to think about social and environmental issues. His goal is to inspire the next generation of filmmakers to get out there and make films with the tools they already have: a phone, an idea and the commitment to work hard and have fun!

Areas of Focus

  • Fast-paced classroom learning
  • Extensive group activities
  • Learning-by-doing
  • Outdoor filming

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how to tell good stories that change people’s minds and actions for the better, about issues they care about
  • Learn the basics of narrative filmmaking including writing, planning, film techniques, sound and editing
  • Participants will be comfortable using their own phone or tablet and a small amount of additional equipment that will fit in a small backpack to film and tell stories
  • Be part of a team that helps develop their leadership skills and collaborative talents, and every team will complete a short film during the course.

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