Acting on Camera 101

One-Day Workshop

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28 October, 2018

Sunday, 10.00am — 6.00pm

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Going on set for the first time can be a daunting experience.

How do you stay in frame and in focus while performing? How do you modulate your performance for the camera? What is the best way for us to hit our mark on camera?

This workshop will get you comfortable with all the practical and technical aspects of working on camera aswell as the terminology used. The workshop will be interactive and will give you a full understanding of how a set works who is involved and what it is exactly they do. You will learn the difference between acting for the camera and live theatre and the subtelties involved depending on the camera setups.

Who is this workshop for?
This workshop is designed for the newcomer to film and TV. The workshop is open to anyone from all backgrounds, minimum age for admission is 13 and above.


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  • Understanding the roles each department plays on set.
  • Getting comfortable with the terminology used on set.
  • Understanding technical direction in front of the camera.
  • Learning about the process involved.

About the Instructor

Emil Marwa

Emil Marwa has been a professional actor for over 25 years. Emil first realised he wanted to act at the tender age of 8 when he played Peter in a school production of “Peter And The Wolf”. At 13, he made his TV debut as a regular in the BBC kids show “Grange Hill”, various commercials and TV roles followed. He then went on to study Acting at Rose Bruford college of Speech and Drama in London graduating with a BA Honours. Please also see this link.

Areas of Focus

  • Eyelines , Standins, Continuity & Adjusting to different shot sizes
  • Familiarise single and multiple camera setup
  • Hitting a single mark
  • Multi-mark blocking
  • Volume levels
  • Your casting type
  • The various departments involved

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the language used on set.
  • Ability to apply basic technical understanding to a performance in front of the camera.
  • Realising the team work involved in a TV/Film production.

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Acting on Camera 101 / One-Day Workshop

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