Here are eight of Pulitzer prizewinning Sam Shepard's most stunning plays. This brilliant American dramatist creates what the New Yorker dubbed "Shepard Country" - a landscape of the imagination, a unique theatrical experience that captures our culture and consciousness, our fears and fantasies.
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A collection of three plays by Haresh Sharma that explores the fundamentals of text and realism by scrutinising pressing issues that affect contemporary society.
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True West

This play explores the lives of two brothers, sons of a desert dwelling alcoholic and a suburban wanderer who clash over a film script
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Twelve Angry Men

The play concerns the deliberations of the jury of a homicide trial. At the beginning, they have a nearly unanimous decision of guilty, with a single dissenter of not guilty, who throughout the play sows a seed of reasonable doubt.
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Two For The Seesaw

Jerry Ryan is wandering aimlessly around New York, having given up his law career in Nebraska when his wife asked for a divorce.
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Uncommon Women and Others

Comprised of a collage of interrelated scenes, beginning with a reunion, six years after graduation, of five close friends and classmates at Mount Holyoke College
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Vanities: A Comedy in Three Scenes

This long-running hit starred Sam Waterston on Broadway as an urban architect whose attempts to improve humanity by the environments he creates, only leads to chaos when the high-rise boom goes bust and two close friends are caught in the cross-hairs.
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